How to get a good tan?
How to get a good tan?

How to get a good tan?

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Many people love to get their skin tanned but because of the side effects of tanning and lack of knowledge they fail to decide how to get a good tan. There is no doubt that a good tan makes the person look sexy and smart and in addition to it also imparts a thinner as well as healthier look to the person. Though there is no such thing as "safe tan" but people still go for it for one reason or another. It is very essential to follow the right rules and guidelines when you opt for tanning the skin.

Tanning can be done through exposure to the sun or through the use of tanning beds. If you want to get tan through the exposure to sun rays then you should follow some steps which will help you to get a good tan. One of the first things to be done is to exfoliate the skin with the help of a loofah and exfoliating wash. This will help to get rid of the dead skin and the new and fresh skin underneath will retain the tan in a better way. Then you should use a sun tan lotion which has SPF of around 8 or 10. Make sure that the sun tan lotion has a moisturizer in it. Macadamia nut oil or Aloe Vera is a good option as they keep the skin moist as well as prevent the sun burns.

The tanning through the sun will show best results if you choose that area which has maximum sunlight and where you are comfortable enough. The best place for tan is the beach. Do rotate your body and change the position so that the rays of the sun reach out to all the areas of the skin. Initially, you can go in for 15 to 20 minutes of sun exposure and then 30 minutes after that. Washing the body with a good moisturizing soap after sitting in the sun rays will give you a good tan. Also use a good moisturizer to retain the tan for a longer period of time.

Sometimes because of the weather fluctuations it is very difficult to get a good tan from the sun. Therefore, people go in for tanning through the tanning beds. One of another reason for people going in for this technique of tanning is that the sun rays are very harmful and they have very harmful effect on the skin. In order to get a good tan and flaunt the tanned body in summer you should follow the following guidelines while using the tanning beds.

The first thing you need to do in this regard is to build a base tan and follow the tanning sessions in the tanning beds regularly. You may require about 6 to 8 sittings in the tanning beds however the number of sittings depends upon the skin tone. In order to enhance the effect of tanning you should go in for a tan accelerator which is specially designed for tanning through the tanning beds. This will also help to build as well as maintain the base. Do exfoliate the skin before sitting in the tanning bed this help you to achieve good tan.

After the tanning sessions go in for moisturizing the skin but avoid a moisturizer with a mineral oil as this will prevent you from getting a good tan. After the formation of base tan go in for tanning session 2 or 3 times per week. Switching between the low and high intensity bed is a good option. Even right diet can result in a good tan. Therefore, eat foodstuff rich in beta carotene and include foods like carrot, tomatoes, radish, and broccoli etc in your diet. This will enhance the tanned effect and give the sun kissed glow to your skin. Also take care of your skin while tanning and never let it dry and you really need to take extra care of your face Another thing which will result in good tan is the right clothes. Wear minimum and comfortable clothes while getting your body tanned. Remember that only those areas will get tanned which will receive light. You can even go nude in a tanning bed as tanning in these beds is carried out in a private area.

Just follow the above rules and suggestions and you will surely get a good tan.


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