How To Gain Muscles - The Undisputed Muscle Mass Building Workouts For Fast Muscle Growth!
How To Gain Muscles - The Undisputed Muscle Mass Building Workouts For Fast Muscle Growth!

How To Gain Muscles - The Undisputed Muscle Mass Building Workouts For Fast Muscle Growth!

Muscle mass building workouts may seem like a topic that has been done to death, but the fact remains that a lot of beginner lifters are still deluded on this matter, causing many to throw in the towel prematurely, disheartened that despite the countless hours toiling in the gym, they still have little or nothing to show for.

While experienced lifters are aware of the muscle mass building workouts for facilitating massive growth, novices tend to sweat out on exercises that produces lackluster results. They keep churning countless of reps and sets of bicep exercises and dumbbell flyes, hoping to develop a massive pair of arms or making the chest muscles rounder and more defined. They also put too much emphasis on machine based exercises which are ineffective for stimulating maximum muscle growth.

Sounds familiar? Are you guilty of the above-mentioned acts? Well, dont fret. Everyone has to start somewhere. Heck, many experienced lifters had a shaky start before setting on the right path. You too can turn things around, and attain the body that youve always wanted by channeling your efforts on muscle mass building workouts that are proven, time and time again for developing an armored tank physique. Okay without further ado, here are some of the exercises that you must do to achieve unparalleled gains in muscle:

1. Chest - To obtain a nice, thick chest muscles, you should concentrate on free weight pressing workouts like the dumbbell or barbell bench press and wide-grip chest dips. These two exercises should be treated as the bread and butter of your chest routine because they place a massive amount of stress on the entire area of the chest, recruiting the most muscle fibers, and thus, leading to better chest development.

2. Shoulder - Overhead pressing movements are hands down, the winner for maximizing shoulder muscle growth. Pulverize your shoulders with the following exercises and youre well on your way to a pair of fully developed, muscular shoulders: Military Press, dumbbell shoulder press, and the Arnold press. Nothing is better for building strong, powerful shoulder muscles than the aforementioned workouts.

3. Back - Want to give the illusion of size to your overall physique even when other areas of your upper body are somewhat lagging? If yes is your answer, then you might want pack on some muscle mass onto your back because this part represents the largest muscle group in the upper-body, hence, a thick, wide back will make you look like a hardcore lifter. For stimulating the muscles of the back, I recommend the following: Barbell/dumbbell deadlifts, chin-ups, and rowing movements such as the one-arm dumbbell rows, or the barbell bent-over rows. Take your pick or better still, include them all in your back routine as these are excellent muscle mass building workouts for taking your back muscles to the next level.

4. Legs - The muscle group that often receives little or no attention at all by many beginners and (gulp) even veteran lifters! Okay, I was once guilty of this muscle building sin back when I first got started on weightlifting. Ive since discovered the error of my ways. Never neglect your legs as they contribute significantly to the overall development of your body. Anyway, your best bet for attaining powerful, tree-trunk legs is by performing explosive workouts such as the classic barbell squats and leg presses. The importance of the former cannot be stressed enough, as it is one of best exercises for boosting the production of growth promoting hormone, testosterone.

5. Arms (Biceps/Triceps) - Along with the chest muscles, the biceps and triceps are highly favored by many (including yours truly), and tend to be given the utmost priority. However, as far as muscle mass building workouts are concerned, the exercises involving these 2 muscle groups offer very little in terms of muscular size and growth. With that said, just stick with good ol curls and pushdowns for stimulating the biceps and triceps respectively, and avoid placing too much emphasis on them. Remember that when it comes to adding mass to your whole body INCLUDING the biceps and triceps, the above-mentioned exercises provide undisputed growth potential and should be the staple of your workout plan, only then, will you be able to get commendable muscle building results.

Frankly, these are the exercises I did to help me gain some mass. I used to be a skinny hardgainer and had been dying to pack on some muscles for the longest time. I followed a step by step system that covered all angles of the muscle growth process including training, nutrition, supplementation, recovery, and much, much more. I noticed a mark improvement to physique in just 6 weeks. Now, Im more revved up for more muscle growth! Check it out at