How To Buy a Compact Freezer
How To Buy a Compact Freezer

How To Buy a Compact Freezer

So youre ready to buy a compact freezer but dont know where to start and what to choose. This little guide will help you to make a clearer choice in regards of your future mini-fridge.

Compact freezers are simple single-duty appliances and we dont ask too much of them but keeping our food fresh or frozen. Unlike some refrigerators, compact freezers dont have to show off gizmos such as through-the-door water or event direct access to Internet - they are in their simplest form.

Whatever the reasons alluring you to buy a compact freezer, there are several points you must take into consideration before a purchase.

Figure the capacity you need.

Before you go at an appliance store - or you buy online - make sure you know the capacity you need. There are four general sizes amongst freezers on the market that we can choose from :

compact - around 5 cubic feet

small - 6-9 cubic feet

medium - 12-18 cubic feet

large - more than 18 cubic feet

This guide revolves around compact freezers but bigger units arent that different - only their size and some additional gadgets. What size to choose all depends on the size of your family and her needs in frozen food. In most cases, you will easily guess what size best fits your needs.

Manual versus self-defrost

The biggest advantage of models of freezers that are self-defrost is that you just dont have to waste your time defrosting it manually. Defrosting by hand can take up 8 hours, so keep that in mind.

Although self-defrosting freezers can help you save your time, they are generally noisier than non self-defrosting models. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, self-defrosting units also have the reputation of consuming more energy than other freezers.

Check controls accessibility

Even though you wont have to adjust temperature very often, make sure that controls are easy-to-reach. Most often they will, but if you stumble upon a model that boasts an array of controls which are impossible to reach when you mini freezer is full then you should consider another model.

Check interior lights

Interior lights help to find your food in the freezer, especially in a dimly lighted area. Make sure the light in the interior of your mini-freezer is placed so that it isnt a hindrance for you placing your food. Most compact freezers interior light is placed in function of the accessibility and available space but it is worth of being checked. Also, make sure light replacement is easy-to-do so that you wont have to struggle with it should you have to change the light - because youll have to eventually.

0 degree capability

Your mini fridge has to maintain itself at 0 degree in order keep your food fresh. The problem is that during the purchase youll never be sure whether or not the fridge makes it easy to find that "point 0″. Thats why I recommend you check out reviews of buyers that had already bought the freezer your interested in.

Most of the time, comparison shopping sites such as have a section where buyers can add their review and opinion of a product. The best way to know if a freezer actually has an accurate 0 degree capability is to ask directly those users so that you get real feedback with hindsight.

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