How Do I Know If My Ex Wants Me Back?
How Do I Know If My Ex Wants Me Back?

How Do I Know If My Ex Wants Me Back?

Are you asking yourself "how do I know if my ex wants me back?" You may have noticed that your ex is starting to show a little more interest in you since you have broken up. Maybe your ex is starting to flirt with you since your break up. These are good signs that your ex may want to get back together but you need to take it slow. Rushing into trying to get your ex back could backfire and send your ex running in the other direction.

When you see these common signs occurring that indicate that your ex is interested again dont jump into it right away. Your ex is probably showing some interest in you because you have kept your distance and have been playing hard to get in the first place. Stay with this strategy if it seems to be working. No need to rush things if your ex is starting to soften.

It is normal to miss your ex after a break up and it is normal to want to get back together. The longer the relationship was the greater the longing to get back together will likely be. You have alot of memories together. You may also have alot of regrets from your past relationship. If you are wondering "how do I know if my ex wants me back" chances are they are wondering the same thing about you.

You have to be careful at this stage of the game because your ex may just be looking for a little attention from you and may have no intention of taking you back. They may be feeling lonely since the break up, notice that you are still interested so they cling to your emotions to feed their needs. When they start feeling better about themselves again they leave you hanging. They may also be showing you attention to get back at you for breaking up with them. Maybe they are trying to reel you back in by sparking your interest in them and then when you are emotionally tied to them they will dump you! Its possible. Thats why it is so important not to rush into things. Examine the situation closely and play it cool.

You are in a common situation after a breakup if you are questioning "how do I know if my ex wants me back?" Remember not to jump in to quickly. Play it cool and take it slow. Playing hard to get will always make you look more appealing than if you simply just come running back everytime your ex calls. You are less likely to get hurt if you "pace" yourself.

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Peter Harris is a health care professional with a special interest in promoting healthy relationships.