Gum Disease and Mental Function

Gum Disease and Mental Function

Recent study conduction by researchers from US found out a direct link of gum disease and worsening of mental function. Extensive gum disease with inflammation to different organ systems can have harmful effects on brain function.

It was found that elderly people with gum disease are more prone to develop Alzheimers disease, as well as cognitive impairment. To investigate this further, about 5000 individuals whose ages were ranging from 20-59 who performed two cognitive functions.

There was association found between mental function and gum diseases including bleeding gums, periodontal disease, as well as tooth loss. It is noted that periodontal disease can cause widespread infection in the body, which is a major risk factor to cause worsening of the mental function.

It was also stated that poor oral hygiene is not the only factor that influences or the only cause of poor mental functioning or mental diseases. This research clearly indicates the importance of treating gum problems as soon as possible to prevent any systemic infection that can lead to brain infection, which in turn can cause severe mental illnesses.

Angela Rogers, Marketer for Natures Smile,