Give The Gift Of Baby Shower Favor Poem

Give The Gift Of Baby Shower Favor Poem

Baby shower favor poems have two ways to be made, either use your own poetry or use the poetry of your favorite author or friends even. Even if you do not write poetry you can still make this favor.

Remember you can always use a poem or two that expresses birth and having babies from nursery rhyme books and childrens stories as well.

1. Make a scroll.

If you own a computer than type of your poem, picking a font that would match your theme or the poem. Buy matching paper to go along with your poem and the rest of the baby shower theme. Print your poem on here and then roll up. Carefully type a ribbon around the scroll. You can buy pre-printed ribbon that will have the date of the baby shower and your name on the ribbon.

Have the baby shower favor poem in a basket by the door for guests to take as they leave or place in the gift bag you are handing out to your guests if you have more than one baby shower favor you are giving out.

2. Key chains.

Again you will type up your poem or hand write, whichever you choose. This time buy clear, snap together key chain picture holders. Shrink down your poem to the size of the key chain holder. Depending on the size of the key chain holder, you will be able to place anywhere from 4 to 6 on a page to be printed. Once printed carefully cut out and place inside the key chain holder.

Snap these together. You could place two inside the key chain holder as well, back to back so that the baby shower poem will be seen on both sides. Or use a small picture for the other side or leave blank.

3. Framed poem.

Type up or hand write your poem, but this time either at the top or bottom, place the date of the baby shower and who it is for, so with your name. Buy enough frames for all the poems, they do not need to be expensive. You could actually buy many at your local dollar store or go to a craft store and they will have many to choose from as well. Print your poems and carefully place inside the frames.

4. Place cards.

This one is a little more difficult.

You will need to pick a variety of poems this time. Make place cards with each guests name on them for the table. On the inside or back of the place card hand write the poem you choose for that person. This is very personalized, since you are picking poems to go with your theme, but that also match the person whos name is on the place card. Handwriting these will probably be easier, since it is a very small space. Unless you have computer software that can shrink them down to place card size and print sheets of them.

It would also be more personal to hand write these, since you specifically picked them for each person. The place cards with the name of the person will face the chairs, but the baby shower favor poem will be on the back so everyone can see everyone elses poem.

5. Trinket boxes.

Buy small wooden trinket boxes with lids. These are sold at dollar stores and local craft stores. Paint these in colors to match your baby shower. Once the paint is dry, use a pencil to very lightly write your poem on the lid. Then take a paint pen and trace the penciled words. These are perfect to place other baby shower items in as well for your guests to take home.

6. Gift tags.

Buy pre-punched gift tags at your local craft store. These will come in different shapes and colors and will already have a hole in them to pull a ribbon through. On one side write the poem in lightly in pencil. Now using a fine point pen or market go over the poem. On the other side write the persons name, the guest at your party that it is going to or place a picture that matches your baby shower theme.

Buy pre-printed ribbon that has your name and the date of your baby shower on them. These are usually already cut and ready to use. Place the ribbon through the gift tags and use the gift tags to tie closed either small favor bags for your guests or to place around another baby shower favor.

Your baby shower favor poems are simple and fun to make. They are so personalized that your guests will love them.

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