Functions of Epithelial Cells for Human Kidney
Functions of Epithelial Cells for Human Kidney

Functions of Epithelial Cells for Human Kidney

In biology and medicine, epithelium is a tissue composed of layers of cells that line the cavities and surfaces of structures throughout the body. It is also the type of tissue of which many glands are formed. Epithelium lines both the outside (skin) and the inside cavities and lumen of bodies.Functions of epithelial cells include secretion, absorption, protection, transcellular transport, sensation detection, and selective permeability.

In humans, epithelium is classified as a primary body tissue, the other ones being connective tissue, muscle tissue and nervous tissue. Epithelium is often defined by the expression of the adhesion molecule e-cadherin, as opposed to n-cadherin, which is used by cells of the connective tissue.Human renal epithelial cells are capable of internalizing Escherichia coli regardless of whether the bacteria are isolated from individuals with pyelonephritis or from healthy volunteers.

Tissue culture of human kidney epithelial cells of proximal tubule origin. The in vitro culture of human kidney epithelial cells of defined nephronal origin would prove valuable in a variety of studies defining the factors and mechanisms responsible for diseases and disorders of the kidney.In adult kidney, epithelial cells from the cortical collecting duct are differentiated in two ways: principal cells are involved in water, sodium, and potassium transport, and intercalated cells mediate acid-base transport.

Recovery of renal function after severe injury depends on the replacement of necrotic epithelial cells with functional epithelium. New epithelial cells may originate from kidneyresident and/or bone marrow-derived stem cells.

That bone marrow-derived stem cells participate in tubular regeneration has been observed after acute tubular necrosis in both experimental models and in humans.Mc Raflesia has high consideration on health issues, particularly on kidney. If you want to get some excellent resources on kidney, please visit his site on

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