Five Good Advertisement Techniques

Five Good Advertisement Techniques

Advertisement techniques dont have to be new to be effective. But the most effective ones in todays modern environment are interactive, target a narrow market, and get immediate responses.

This article covers five advertisement techniques that meet one or more of the above modern criteria:

• PR Advertisements
• Theater Advertisements
• Magazine Advertisements
• Publication Advertisements
• Cable Television Advertisements

Advertisement Techniques 1: PR Advertisements

PR advertisements are great at building support for your business. Usually a PR advertisements purpose isnt to make a sale, but to build contacts and friends for your business.

The best advertising technique for PR advertising is getting your potential supporters interacting with you and your business. Whether its making a telephone call, visiting a Web site or completing a form, interaction enables you to build support for your business and industry.

Advertisement Techniques 2: Theater Advertisements

Theater advertisements work effectively if its possible to get people to take immediate action. You need to reinforce the ad on the screen with a printed promotion like a coupon, to get people to respond immediately.

Advertisement Techniques 3: Magazine Advertisements

Magazine advertisements work well because magazines enable you to target a niche market and design advertisements specifically for people in the market.

With so many magazines, you can always find one that targets your market.

Advertisement Techniques 4: Publication Advertisements

Many small business owners overlook publication advertising. Publication advertisements reach target markets well, but isnt as good at providing interactivity or getting a quick response.

You can run advertisements in everything from programs, to books and professional journals.

Programs offer a targeted market, and earn good will with the organizations supporters or fans.

If a book is relevant to your product, it can reach your target market effectively. The trick to book advertisements is deciding how to pay:

• by the number printed,
• by the number distributed or
• by size of the ad.

If you are targeting people in a certain profession, advertising in their professional journals can reach your target market. Advertisements in professional journals provide good value because members pay to receive the journals. They are interested in nearly anything that helps them to better succeed in their professions.

Advertisement Techniques 5: Cable Television Advertisements

Cable television advertisements are usually less expensive than regular television advertisements. Many small business owners can afford to use cable television advertising to promote sponsorships, product placements and air sponsor-supplied programming.

Advertisement Techniques: Conclusion

The trick to using all advertisement techniques is to design ads that get attention and encourage target market members to respond quickly by visiting a web site, calling a telephone number, or some other contact method.

And the more interactive, you can make your advertisements, the better.

Linda P. Morton, Ed.D., APR, writes a blog on marketing. She recently completed an 11 part series on Modern Advertising Methods, including more detail on the five techniques in this article.

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