First Date Tips - What to do if there is No Spark?

First Date Tips - What to do if there is No Spark?

Alright, so you have already gone through a first face-to-face date with your someone you have met offline. But what if you dont like him, but he still shows a good deal of affection for you? What do you do?

Inasmuch as you would be tempted to just ignore him and not answer his emails, instant messages, or phone calls, you must step on this nasty temptation. Why? Because he has put much effort into asking you out. So you actually owe him the courtesy of honesty.

Most women actually hate this part when they need to confront them with the truth.

So you actually thought that it could work, meaning that you thought you had great rapport in your e-mails with each other. You had a good chat in Instant Messaging. And you thought that your talk on the phone was great.

But unfortunately, there was no chemistry going on for the both of you when you finally met up. What do you do?

Here are some tips:

1. Avoid making instant judgments about your date due to his accent, the he dresses or nervous comments. Men can get nervous on first dates too, Its always best to give someone a second chance, if he didnt really impress you on the first date. try going out on a second date with him. As cheesy as it might sound, everybody deserves a second chance, right? You never know, maybe he was just really nervous to meet you on your first date. Or maybe he got overly flustered and shy with your beauty. We never know. So, how about you give your match another chance? But if you cannot bear to go through another date with him, then proceed to the next advice.

2. Tell him over the phone that you dont think you two can work out. You have already gone through the notions of emails, to IM, to phone calls, and finally arranged your first date. Rejection through email or IM would just be too uncool. If he tries to contact you through this, tell him that you want to talk over the phone. And no, you cannot call him first just to reject him. Wait for him to call. Listen to him first though, before you reject him. If he sounds like hes aiming to go for a second date, then tell him in a polite, yet firm way that although you enjoyed your first date, you dont think that you two have much in common after all, good luck on finding match though, be positive and you wish him the best. Its best to be honest and let him know how you feel if there is definitely no spark early on.


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