Fight Disease By Keeping Your Body In A Natural Alkaline State

Fight Disease By Keeping Your Body In A Natural Alkaline State

Keeping your body in an alkaline state has many benefits to the body. There are many vitamins and herbs that help the body become more alkaline. Alkaline imbalance occurs rather easily. The All-American apple pie itself causes over acidity. This article explains the alkaline and acidic ratio in the body, the benefits of a proper pH balance and the effects on your body when there is an imbalance.

The Delicate Balance of Alkaline and Acidity in the Body

The human body is designed to be 75 to 80 percent alkaline and 20 to 25 percent acidic. The balance of alkaline and acidity in the body is referred to as a pH level.

To determine your pH level, you can get pH testing strips from your local pharmacy or vitamin store. Use these strips periodically to test your urine or saliva to find your pH level and determine if dietary changes are necessary or active changes are effective. A normal pH level is between 7.4 or 7.5; which is slightly alkaline. When your body falls into an acidic state, however, it changes that pH level. Seven is neutral and thats where you want to keep your alkaline balance. Over acidity weakens the body which allows disease and sickness to occur.

Feelings and Problems Associated with Mild Acidosis

When your body is in a state of acidosis; too much acid and not enough alkaline, your body reacts negatively. Over time mild acidosis leads to obesity, reduced heart function, kidney stones, weak immune system, lowered resistance to illness, early aging, weakening of the bone and generally increased pain.

Following an Alkaline Diet

One way to return your pH level to a normal balance is to follow an alkaline diet. The idea behind an alkaline diet is to get back to basics and use common sense eating principles. This diet introduces the need for more whole foods and the need to reduce processed and pre-packaged foods.

Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, like oats, are part of this program. The overall message of the alkaline diet is to have everything in moderation, so there is no need to eliminate food groups, unlike other popular diet plans.

Following an alkaline diet allows you to feel more energetic, protects you from illnesses and helps you shed unwanted pounds. One rule is to limit the amount of protein and dairy to just 20% of your diet because it is highly acidic. Switching from the typical American diet that includes quick meals and fast food reduces acidity in the body. Eating the right foods reduces the acid and ensures supplements are also available. Vitamins and herbs are useful and can enhance a proper diet.

Tips for Creating a Natural Alkaline State

Bringing the body back into balance when it has been in an acidic state is not impossible. Diet change is the most powerful tool in recovering a natural alkaline state. Cutting back on meats and dairy and increasing the amount of raw fruits and vegetables, will change your bodys pH level. One thing to remember is that cooking vegetables removes their alkaline properties. The most nutritious way to eat vegetables is raw. The next best way to eat vegetables is to steam them.

Include items from around the perimeter of the grocery store on your grocery list. It is ideal to avoid pre-packaged and already prepared foods. Foods eaten as close to their natural form are the best way to bring your body back into a balanced alkaline state. Various vitamin and herbal formulas have been designed to help the body reach its alkaline state as well if a dietary change isnt possible the quick fix can be a supplement that helps the body become more alkaline. What ever way you choose to help the body become more alkaline, one thing is for sure a healthier and happier life is on the horizon for those who practice a healthy diet and keep their body alkalized.

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