Excel File Caused a Serious Error the last time it was opened.. Error Message
Excel File Caused a Serious Error the last time it was opened.. Error Message

Excel File Caused a Serious Error the last time it was opened.. Error Message

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that features support for various complex calculations, graphing, VBA programming etc. Microsoft Excel 2003 and earlier versions use .xls extension to store data in their files, while Microsoft Excel 2007 uses .xlsx as its proprietary file format. These files get corrupted due to reasons like Microsoft Office corruption, addons, virus etc. So, if you dont have updated data backup, Excel Recovery solutions can provide key to repair and restore damaged Excel files and recover all lost information.

In cases of Excel file corruption; it may fail to open with an error message as:

"The document caused a serious error the last time it was opened. Would you like to continue opening it?"

Here, file name refers to the name of the affected Excel file.


As the error message suggests, the file being tried to open is facing issues due to unexpected crash. If an Excel file quits unexpectedly more than twice, the application adds the file to the list of disabled files. Such files cant be opened by Excel anymore and shows error messages like given above.


• If unexpected crashes have not affected the file to the extent of corruption, it is possible to recover lost information by removing the file from disabled files.
To do this, you need to click Help>About Microsoft Office Excel>Disabled Items. It will show the list of disabled items. You can select the required item and then click Enable. In Excel 2007, you need to click Microsoft Office Button>Excel Options. Then in the left pane, you need to click on Add-ins and then click Manage listed in the right pane. You can then select the desired Disabled Items and click on Go.
• If problem persists or some file corruption error message is encountered after removing one or more item from the list of Disabled Items, it will require excel repair solutions. The file has been corrupted and it needs to be repaired. You can go for Excel Open and Repair feature to try repairing the affected file. If file corruption issue remains the same, third party file repair software should be used to regain lost data. These Excel tools can scan damaged files for repair and extract inaccessible information from them. These applications can be used quite easily because of their interactive interface. Third party Excel Recovery software use powerful and safe algorithms to restore damaged files.

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