Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married and Staying Married
Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married and Staying Married

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married and Staying Married

Before we begin explaining some tips about getting the husband or wife of your dreams, we should take a moment and review why it is seemingly very difficult in the first place, and why so many people fail at it.

It is indeed a difficult task to find the husband or wife of your dreams! How to choose a good marriage partner can feel like navigating through a mine field. This is not surprising due to the fact that society today has seen a steady decline in lasting relationships and marriage. Ideally after you get married, you have to spend the rest of your life with that one person. At least that is what should happen - and people should be happy - right?

Unfortunately statistics show that almost 50% of marriages across the globe end in divorce. But it doesnt have to be that way, if YOU dont sabotage your chances! Yes, I said YOU. Why is that?

As with anything, PREPARATION AND EXPERIENCE is a key. You are first of all looking for a soul mate, your best friend, and by extension the father or mother of your children. If you are lucky to have come across someone you have fallen in love with, then you are naturally not faced with the problem of looking for a life partner. But, "living on love alone" will not prepare you for what marriage will throw at you, so that is not enough.

A study of modern social dynamics and statistics show that a large percentage of young people around the world end up having many partners (boyfriends or girlfriends) throughout high school, and onto their early adult lives. The old "try before you buy" attitude effects a high percentage of modern kids that are out to just have a good time.

At the same time there are many young people that are looking for "the one", but stumble from one relationship to another. Sometimes taking with them the "baggage" from the previous relationship and not actually getting to know the person they are dating before physically getting involved with them.

When difficulties arise there is no real friendship to get them though, and this is a viscous circle that gets repeated.

What people look for in a man or woman changes when they are in their 20s, and so forth in their 30s and 40s. When people finally do get married, it is usually to a totally different "type" of person they dated previously.

There are exceptions to the rule but individuals in their 30s usually have gained a better understanding of what they wants in a spouse. They perceive a spouse in a different category, previously just a boyfriend or girlfriend to now a potential life partner.

Ones maturity has given a desire to find a husband or wife that would take on and actually be capable of serious responsibilities, like being a good provider, a good mother or father, and a sincere mature person that is capable of love and respect. Not to mention being their best friend.

Deep down inside, everyone wants this no matter who you are. Granted there are many jaded people in the world that have been taken advantage of and abused in their relationships. Men and women can, and do fall into this category. Some are so jaded that they view people as "play things" and have the "love em and leave em" attitude.

The results? Heartache, broken families, unwanted children, STDs, shattered dreams, and the list goes on. Sure sounds bleak, and unfortunately it is when youve been doing the same thing over and over again - and fraternizing in the wrong circles.

So where can you find the husband or wife of your dreams,... and is this even possible in the first place?

Yes it is! But first you have to look at yourself, and review where you have gone wrong in the past. Specifically "where" previous relationships began, "where" you met, what were you doing, etc. You would definitely NOT meet a serious love interest looking for their husband or wife of their dreams in a bar or a club.

Thats obvious. You too might be able to give a couple more examples of "where not" to find the husband or wife of your dreams.

So are all the good ones in hiding, and what are the tips for finding the husband or wife of your dreams?

There are several ways you can meet and get the husband or wife of your dreams. Do you know the old saying, "Birds of a feather, flock together"? It may sound old and outdated like something grandma might say, but it holds out in truth now, just as much as it did in good ol grandmas day.

The following places are great possibilities for finding a husband or wife of your dreams:

1. Dance Classes
2. Local Library
3. Local Place of Worship
4. Local Grocery Store
5. Charitable/Volunteer Organization
6. Local Adult Education Center
7. Wine Tasting Club
8. Exercise / Aerobics Classes
9. Local Gourmet Cooking Class

IMPORTANT POINT: If you want to meet "good people", that are interesting, lively and fun - go to where they are likely to be. It could be in that dance class, library, or local place of worship. You could meet him or her at your local grocery store or at a charitable organization.

Dont be too quick to dismiss these places. Why?

Note this: Where people hang out, what they do in their spare time, and who they are friends with will shout volumes about their character.

Volunteer organizations are an excellent way to meet the husband or wife of your dreams! Not only do volunteers do some good for the community, but if there is a great prospect there - he or she is demonstrating that they care more about helping people instead of being selfishly inclined.

Joining dance classes is a common way of meeting the husband or wife of your dreams. You cannot dance without an active partner and you are sure to meet men and women here, with whom you can interact on a one-to-one basis. Other classes are aerobic classes, where most of the members are women. It could be enjoyable for you and you can get fit at the same time!

The local adult education center is also an interesting place to meet someone, because most people concerned about their future join evening classes for different kinds of education. Of course you could find something that would be interesting for you, and foreign language classes could be an option.

Join clubs like a Wine Tasting Club. Just call up your local vintner, and go for the next get-together for wine tasting. It will give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy your wine. At the same time this could be an occasion to meet new people, and you could be pleasantly surprised!

Join a cooking class hosted at a local gourmet restaurant. Just imagine the being able to cook something spectacular for your friends, and host parties. If youre a man, nothing impresses a woman more than a good guy that can cook! Not only that, but you could meet someone special there, and have cooking as one of your interests in common already!

Create a network of friends for yourself, and widen the circle. Make an effort and talk to strangers wherever it is possible. Just communicating with more people will help you to improve your circle of friends and interests. Who knows, even your close friends may introduce you to your next special someone, as the husband or wife of your dreams!

Whatever you do, above all be yourself and be sincere.

Now, what if youre already found the love of your life? What now? How do you make a successful marriage last?

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