Duties of the Grooms Parents In Wedding Preparation

Duties of the Grooms Parents In Wedding Preparation

As the parents of the groom, you are surely confronted with a multitude of sentiments and feelings. Your sons engagement implies that he is about to enter a rite of passage. Being involved in the planning of the wedding may not include the responsibility of helping the bride in choosing her Brooklyn bridal gown, but it is still a huge undertaking. At first, you as parents may be overwhelmed by the amount of work that is supposed to be done to ensure success of the actual wedding. It is vital to sit down with your son and if possible, your future daughter-in-law, to discuss the kind of wedding they desire and who will pay for what expense. There is a possibility that there will also be discussions with the brides family. As parents, it is but normal to be tempted to make most of the decisions for your son with regards to the wedding. One thing to remember is to see you sons wedding from your sons standpoint and allow him and his bride-to-be to do the planning and decisions. Your trust on your sons judgment on what is right for him and his new wife will surely strengthen the bonds in your family.

Despite this, you do not loose your part as parents. Most of the time, your part is to provide financial assistance for the wedding. You may suggest paying for any or more of the following:

• Suits for the groom and the father of the groom
• The brides wedding ring
• Wedding gifts for the bride, groomsmen and ushers
• Flower bouquet for the bride, corsages for the mother of the groom and boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen
• Fee for the Clergy or Minister
• Marriage license
• Expenses for the rehearsal dinner
• Limousine service
• Expenses for the honeymoon

Now wouldnt it be exciting that you are also part of your sons wedding day. Surely, you would make your son happy.

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