Does My Ex Girlfriend Still Love Me Even After A Painful Breakup
Does My Ex Girlfriend Still Love Me Even After A Painful Breakup

Does My Ex Girlfriend Still Love Me Even After A Painful Breakup

"Does my ex girlfriend still love me" is a question that troubles many men who still care for a girlfriend they have lost. A man often wishes desperately to find out his ex girlfriends true feelings after a breakup. If it was a particularly painful breakup, the man tends to think that there is not much chance of getting back with his ex girlfriend, especially if the breakup was his fault.

Dont make the mistake so many of these men make: dont assume the worst and give up without at least trying to ascertain whether your ex girlfriend still loves you. Even a painful breakup wont kill true love. Your girlfriend will undoubtedly have been hurt by the breakup, but that doesnt mean you cant get another chance at making the relationship work.

It is not a good idea to ask your ex girlfriend outright whether she still loves you. There are three reasons why she might say no, even if she would secretly like to try again to make a go of the relationship:

1. She might want to inflict pain on you in revenge for the suffering you caused her;

2. She might be afraid to say yes because she is not sure that she should trust you not to hurt her again;

3. Her pride might prevent her from saying yes because she is unsure of your true feelings.

You need to assess your ex girlfriends state of mind before you try to talk to her about the possibility of getting back together. Nobody can ever be 100% certain of what another person is feeling. However, if you know a person well, you can pick up tell tale indications of what is going on in their heart and mind. Here are three clues that will tell you if your ex girlfriend still loves you.

1. Keeping in contact

Has your ex girlfriend made contact with you since the breakup? Even if the contact was only a short phone call to see how you are doing, it is still a sign that she cares. The fact that she has contacted you means that she has not closed the door against you altogether. The next move is yours. It is your turn to call your ex and ask how she is getting along.

It might be too soon to take things further, but that is something you will need to gauge from her reaction to your call. Depending upon how your call is received, you should either tell her you will call again (and say when that will be) or suggest meeting up with her. Take care to avoid sounding as if you are asking her out on a date; the reason for meeting up is to talk things over, not to jump right back into dating.

2. Dating

Has your ex girlfriend dated anyone else since the breakup? If she has not dated anyone else since the breakup you can feel pretty certain that the answer to your question "does my ex girlfriend still love me" is almost guaranteed to be "yes". If she has not dated anyone else that is a strong indication that she still feels as if she belongs to you.

If your ex girlfriend immediately got into a new relationship, dont give up hope. Most rebound relationships fail. Your ex girlfriend might be dating a new man in an effort to block out the memory of the painful breakup. If there is a new man on the scene, you will need to be patient. Dont rush in and try to persuade your ex girlfriend to get back with you. This will only upset her more and confuse her. Try to get onto friendly terms with your ex girlfriend. If she still loves you, she will more than likely dump the new boyfriend without any pressure from you.

3. Has she been asking about you?

If your ex girlfriend has been asking your friends about you, this is a sure sign that she still cares. If she wants to know how you are and what you are doing, it is clear that you still mean something to her. She must really have to swallow her pride to ask about you when your friends obviously know you have broken up with her.

Asking your friends for information about you indicates that she is hoping that you havent found somebody new. It can also be a subtle way of letting you know that she still loves you. She will know that your friends will more than likely tell you she has been asking about you, even if she has too much pride to call and ask you outright to get back together.


If you are getting a positive feeling after looking at these clues, the answer to your question "does my ex girlfriend still love me" is probably "yes". Visit to learn more clues to finding out if your ex still loves you.