Diaper Cake - Why Producers of "Sex And The City" Order Baby Diaper Cake For A Baby Sh

Diaper Cake - Why Producers of "Sex And The City" Order Baby Diaper Cake For A Baby Sh

If youre a "Sex And The City" fan, you know what Im taking about.

Yes, the diaper cake!

You can find it in the "Baby Shower" episode for the character Miranda.

So why baby diaper cakes are so popular?

I havent yet found who invented the "diaper cake" idea.

But the result is obvious especially when youre throwing a theme based baby shower.

Since normal baby shower gifts (like diapers and baby bottles) dont really make any exciting (I mean knock the mom-to-bes socks off!), so the baby diaper cake fits perfectly into your shower theme and does double duty as a cute centerpiece.

Mom-to-be loves it.
She is happy to use the items you included in the baby diaper cake for feeding the baby-to-come, such as baby bottles and baby bibs.

She will also be in great joyfulness to take the diaper cake apart and find baby toys you include, such as baby rattles, baby teether toys, and pacifiers.

And she might fall in love with the plush animal you use to top the baby shower diaper cake.

The possibilities are endless.

Finally, its very easy to make it on your own and show your personal creativity.

Before get it started, you should decide the fit-the-mom "cake recipe" (e.g. your baby items shopping list). Then you can purchase all these infant essentials and decorations from companies like Baby-gift-idea.com.

Then follow a step-by-step instructions from book or the internet, finishing your baby shower cake in many styles and colors, including 1, 2, 3 even 4 wonderful tiers will be easy like watching a movie!

Another reason more people are talking about diaper cakes not only it is no doubt the must-be-no-matter-how baby shower gifts, but also many people have their personal passionate hobby blossoming into a full time business.

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