Decorating A Small Bedroom - Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look More Spacious and Bigger

Decorating A Small Bedroom - Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look More Spacious and Bigger

The bedroom is your personal space of relaxation and rest so you want it to have great style and function. But what can you do when the room is very small? Fortunately, there are several ways you can do to make small bedroom appear more spacious and bigger.

1. Lighting

Lighting plays a very important part in the overall decoration of a room. Small bedrooms should have soft and gentle lighting. Installation of lights close to the bed would give the room a more spacious appearance. If possible, make use of dimmers in one or two focal points. Avoid stand-alone lamps, instead mount lamps to the walls. For bedtime reading, you could have a lamp mounted to the wall with a thread hanging down for convenient on and off. Versatile lamps in the ceiling are also good options, however make sure they dont come in the way of other objects. Ambient, accent and fluorescent lightings have an elegant and soothing appeal and can be utilized in small bedrooms.

2. Color

Another major aspect of bedroom decoration comprises of the wall colors. In a small room, dark hues should be strictly avoided, as they tend to close up the space even more. On the other hand, light colors give an illusion of depth and space. . Use more of white and cream colors to give the room a refreshing look in the mornings and a comforting feel at night. Light shades of paint will make the room look more spacious, unlike shades of blue, yellow, green, mauve, etc which make the room look less spacious. The advantage of using light shades is that, the light color reflects the light falling on it on the deeper parts of the room, thereby creating an illusion of more space.

3. Remove the Non-Necessities

Get rid of any clutter in your small room. This alone will help make a visible difference. When decorating a small bedroom, you need to give proper consideration to the furniture as well. As far as possible, go for the items that can be mounted on the wall. For instance, if your bedside table is occupying unnecessary space, you can opt for a wall-mounted shelf next to the bed. Rather than closet, go for under-bed storage. If you also plan to have a TV in your room, mounting it on the wall will provide you with additional empty space. Try to go for small furniture items, which do not occupy much place or make the room look cluttered.

4. Windows

When we talk about a small bedroom, windows automatically become a part of the overall décor. As far as possible, let the windows provide natural lighting to your room. You can make use of light curtains and blinds for the purpose, so that the room does not look dark and closed-in. At the same time, get holds for the purpose of tying back your curtains in the day time. Remember, heavy curtains always make a room look smaller than it is.

5. Bedroom

One of the first aspects that you will need to consider, while decorating your small bedroom, would comprise of the bed and its size. It would be advisable to go for a queen-size or full bed, rather than king-size, so that you do not end up blocking all the space available in your bedroom. As for the bedspread and sheets, rather than mix and match style, go for one design pattern. In terms of colors, bold and bright hues will work best in livening up the room

6. Mirror

Mirror is one of the most effective, fastest and cheapest way to get the maximum of your home space as well as increase the amount of natural light entering the room through the window. When decorating a small bedroom, place the mirror across from a window in the room. This will help to provide further light into a room and therefore create the illusion of space.

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