cliff top weddings

cliff top weddings


The phrase "weddings abroad" or "destination weddings" nearly always conjures up the romantic image of a deserted beach, warm golden sunset, clear blue sea and a lightly tanned bride and groom confessing their love to each other with sand carelessly tucked in - between their toes !!

Well if this is your dream , here in IBIZA we can of course make this dream come true , but we can also offer an even more mind blowing location - breathtaking sunset cliff tops over looking the magical med and all the freedom and beauty that it stands for.

One enchanting gem is close to the Pirate tower over looking the mystical island of Es Vedra .This awesome island actually marks the point in Europe that several magnetic lines cross - making it as mystical and spiritual as the Bermuda Triangle.!
Not that you would want to see your future partner for life disappear at the ceremony before your eyes , I must add , but it sure is a fab "wow "factor to tell your guests!

What this special place does exude is an aura of peace and tranquillity that only mother nature can explain and that has to be experienced personally to appreciate it fully !

Another amazing ceremony location is further up the coast and part of a luxury 5 star spa hotel .
Here an amazing amphitheatre has been built as a breathtaking ceremony location. This amazing Hotel also offers its hospitality and exquisite cuisine and service to create the perfect a la carte wedding venue.

So why choose a cliff top wedding location in IBIZA ?
Well first of all for the privacy - most locations we have discovered our selves here at and are kept pretty secret so you are pretty sure to having the location for your selves !
Also just for the wow factor that you see in your guests smiles when they stumble across the well kept secret of your ceremony location !
As for your wedding photos - imagine the backdrop for the family photos that you will keep for ever !-just amazing !

There are only two little points that I would like to add that you must take into consideration when opting for this type of location .
Tell the girls to where sensible shoes so as not to "totter on the rocks" and make sure your choose a location that is child friendly and with easy access for any family members with mobility probs-
All in all here at we always find an answer to any of these little querks and make sure both you and the whole wedding party are blown away with your Cliff top wedding in IBIZA !!

Written by candida jane blaxall