Chinese Way of Determining a Baby Sex

Chinese Way of Determining a Baby Sex

Chinese people use a calendar or a chart to determine whether the baby a woman is expecting will be a boy or girl. It works depending on how old the mother was when she got pregnant and the month she got pregnant.
In todays world; technology is growing fast which has enabled women to find out the sex of their baby through scanning, which is also expensive without proper insurance coverage that is. There are so many perceptions in the world of how one can get a preferred sex for a baby, some say it depends on the position you lie while having sex while others believe it is affected by the number of sperms in a man and even by the moon and the stars. Others leave it upon God to decide.

How did the chart come to exist (Origin)
The Chinese pregnancy chart was found buried in a royal tomb and it is said to be over seven hundred years old. The chart is currently located in Beijing institute of science in china. The information on the website states that the chart can accurately predict the sex of the baby if correctly used.

How does the chart works-Explanation
The correct age of the pregnant woman must first be known, but it will work effectively if the age is determined according to the Chinese lunar. You can do that by using online tools or by adding one year to your current age {if pregnant} if you were born between the 21st of February and December 31st.if you were born between the months of january1st and February 20th then use your current age.

The second step would be to determine the month in which you became pregnant. This should also be according to the Chinese lunar month or by calculating on line.

First determine the lunar age of the pregnant mother together with the month she became pregnant to get the sex of the baby. You get the mothers age on top of the chart while the months of conception are on the left side but at the bottom of the chart. After getting the month the mothers became pregnant then follow across it to the age of the pregnant mother. This automatically gets you inside a box that is either pink or blue. The pink color shows you will have a baby girl while the blue color means the baby will be a boy stands you will be in a box that is either shaded pink or blue.

However for a successful exercise the following rules should be observed;

- The Chinese chart works in accordance with the lunar calendar.
- The new born baby already counts to one year
- You must never choose to become pregnant in the last and first ten days of a gender period.
- Never get pregnant in Chinese leap months
- The Chinese chart is completely free and natural. It can also predict the sex of the baby at an accuracy of 90%.moreover the chart guarantees the safety of the pregnant mother.

Using this Chinese chart still remains the best to determine the sex of your baby as compared to today’s modern expensive ways.

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