Chihuahua Puppy Is Coming Home
Chihuahua Puppy Is Coming Home

Chihuahua Puppy Is Coming Home

You have purchased your Chihuahua puppy and now preparing to bring it home. You want your new family member to feel comfortable in its new home and you want your home to survive this new family member. How should you prepare?

First of all decide which part of your home will be off-limits. It will be better for your new Chihuahua to allow freer reign as he ages rather than to suddenly no longer allow him where he once could go.

Chihuahuas seem to like to perch on high places while surveying its surroundings. A Chihuahua can be severely injured jumping off high places. As a general rule if they cant jump up to a place by themselves, they shouldnt jump down from that place. You can make a ramp that leads to favorite lookouts or nesting spots.

You need to prepare for a new Chihuahua puppy just as you need to prepare for a new baby, with some changes of course. Furnish your home with Chihuahua "stuff" as the next step toward making your house his home. Some sources for supplies are large pet stores, dog shows, discount pet catalogs and the internet.


Fleece-type toys, balls, stuffed animals…..make sure no part of the toy including squeakers or plastic eyes can be pulled out or swallowed.

Chew bones

A chew bone is the equivalent of a teething ring for babies.

Food and water bowls

Avoid plastic, which can cause allergic reactions in some dogs. The best food dishes are stainless steel and for water, use a water bottle.


Start with the same food the pup is currently eating. If you change his food, do this gradually.

Soft buckle collar

A cat collar may work better for Chihuahua puppies.

Lightweight leash

An adjustable show lead is good for puppies.


Soft brush


According to your climate, you may need sweaters, coats or fleece t-shirts. Purchase stylish lightweight shirts for warmer climates.


Chihuahuas look nice in necklaces pearl or jewels with fancy charms. Experiment with different looks and have fun with the accessories you choose to compliment your Chihuahuas clothes.

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