Can I Get My Ex Back If He Has Moved On?
Can I Get My Ex Back If He Has Moved On?

Can I Get My Ex Back If He Has Moved On?

Any woman that has gone through a break up with a guy they still care for will ask themselves the question "can I get my ex back if he has moved on?" It is so difficult to go through a break up, then watch your ex start dating other women. Most women would think it hopeless once their ex starts dating other women. But just because hes dating that doesnt mean your situation is hopeless. Knowing what to do and how to act can significantly increase your chances of winning your ex back.

1. Convince your ex that he still wants you. There are a number of ways to do this.

2. Become a best friend to your ex. Be there for him when he needs you. Show him that you can be his friend without any drama or expectations. Be someone that he can laugh and have fun with. Without the added stress of a "relationship" he may come to realize that you are the one he really wants.

3. Be sweet and kind. This will be inviting to your ex boyfriend. Dont over do it though. Maintain a little bit of attitude. You do want him to want you but you dont want him to think that you are a pushover.

4. Let him know you are available - but play hard to get. Sounds like a contradiction. The point is you dont want him to think he can come and go as he pleases all the time and just use you as a crutch. Flirt a little bit with other guys; go out with your friends. Let him see that you can survive without him. You must be careful here. This is a fine line youre walking. Dont overdo it or he may think youve lost interest in him.

5. Dont act desperate. Acting desperate when you are trying to answer the question "can I get my ex back if he has moved on" will only cause you to do things that will sabotage your chances. Things usually wont work out the way you want them to so you must stay strong - play it cool. Strength and confidence in yourself is very attractive and sexy.

6. Look at him when he is looking at you. Your ex wants to know if you are paying attention to him. If you notice him looking at you playfully look at him out of the corner of your eye - then look away. This will send a message to your ex that you are interested but not falling all over him.

7. Talk about the good times - occasionally. Avoid bringing up the bad times. This wont do you any good. Gentle reminders every now and then of how good you two were together will help him see how nice it was to be with you.

These are just the beginning steps you can use when wondering can I get my ex back if he has moved on. Discover more simple and effective methods and receive my new, free ebook "Understanding Why Men Leave A Relationship" by clicking here now: Ex Moved On

Peter Harris is a health care professional and author and writes frequently about relationships.