Breckenridge Intermediate Skiing Fundamentals

Breckenridge Intermediate Skiing Fundamentals

You may have been skiing for a few years now but still arent completely confident on steeper and more intense runs. It is more than likely that youre looking for just the right blend of challenge and ease. You want to push your abilities a bit farther with each run without going overboard. Breckenridge is an ideal place for intermediate skiers to find the perfect combination of challenge and comfort. As an intermediate skier, you may want to familiarize yourself with the peaks for a great day of skiing in Breckenridge.

Peaks 7 and 8 offer thrilling areas for intermediate skiing. Northstar and Claimjumper are two runs that are marvelously moderate while offering more privacy than some of the other runs on Peak 8. Right next door at Peak 7, several intermediate trails provide the finest cruising zones. The bottom of Peak 7 also features the Independence Super Chair that serves as the heart of the peak.

Peak 9 is the ultimate area in Breckenridge for intermediate skiers. Ballroom skiing is ideal on smooth trails here, especially on runs such as Columbia and Sundown. In addition, the Peak 9 Restaurant makes for a wonderful place to have a break and catch your breath. You will want to avoid the nearby Bonanza run as its usually crowded with beginner skiers who are not only practicing but spend unnecessarily longer time scooting their way down the trail. For a bit more challenge, check out the more bumpy yet mild terrain on Peerless and Volunteer at Peak 9.

Peak 10 offers three blue runs and a much more technical terrain. Crystal, Centennial, and Doublejack are excellent choices if youre looking for a bit more challenge. Those who are ready to take it up a notch will find Peak 10s Falcon Super Chair and expert terrain absolutely magnificent as youll be rewarded with lesser crowd and shorter waiting time than usual.

Intermediate skiers are usually those who are relatively new to the sport or have taken several years off. They are mostly comfortable on the mountain but can be a bit rusty at times. Its always advisable for intermediate skiers to keep a few factors in mind before hitting the slopes hard on their very first day. Be sure to spend some time training for the sport before ski season opens. You will want to prepare yourself with cardio and aerobic exercises as well as strength training, stretching and flexibility exercises.

While youre on the slopes, monitor your activity level by taking breaks regularly and increasing your difficulty level gradually. You might be feeling that you are ready to move into the more advanced bracket but a long and tiring day of skiing can be hard on your body. Dont push it too hard and always listen to what your body is telling you. At the end of the day, the last place you want to wind up is on a run thats too difficult when youre losing steam. Save the harder runs for a new day.

Beginners find Breckenridge a wonderful and unintimidating mountain town to practice while experts absolutely love the challenge and variety. On the other hand, intermediate skiers find themselves mastering areas and moving ahead to endless new terrains that lie before them in Breckenridge. The Ten Mile Range offers marvelous intermediate skiing areas in a stunning backdrop. It is no wonder why Breckenridge is the favorite place of skiers of all difficulty levels to enhance their skills.