Bad CRC and Zip Corruption
Bad CRC and Zip Corruption

Bad CRC and Zip Corruption

There are some situations where you need to compress you large size files or folders. It is required especially when you send these files, via mail, from one computer to another. It can also be done to save the disk space.

The most common and easy method to compress the files and folders is using Zip. In order to use the compressed files, you need to unzip or extract them. Some files are self extractor, which get extracted automatically when you double click on them.

Although, Zip offers a number of advantages, but sometimes when you attempt to extract the Zip file, it may refuse to do it and may show you the following error message:

"Bad CRC ad53812e (should be c81967d4) Press F1 for help."

When you press F1, you will get another error message with following code:

"Message WZ54"

After these error messages, the Zip file or archive becomes inaccessible and none of the data can be used from it. It is the most critical situation which a computer user could ace.


These error messages occur if the CRC of your Zip file or archive has got damaged. Due to CRC damage, the Zip file also get corrupted and it can not be extracted.

The message WZ54 occurs if one or more of the links of your Zip file are damaged. It also does not allow the Zip file to get extracted.

Nevertheless the cause of the problem, the ultimate results are the inaccessible data and finally the data loss. If the corrupted Zip file contains business critical data, then it becomes extremely significant to repair and restore it.

The only solution in such circumstances is to repair the damaged Zip file and then restore it. It is possible with the help of Zip recovery software. Zip recovery software are the widely used powerful tools which allows you to do Zip repair in all situations of Zip corruption.

These software are very easy to use and allows you to have Zip recovery even if you dont have sound technical knowledge. There are several data recovery companies in the market which provide different kinds of Zip recovery software. You should always go for the best one among them.

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