Archive.pst corruption

Archive.pst corruption

Whatever forms the data of MS Outlook, like e-mail, contacts, tasks etc., are stored in a single data file called Personal Storage Folder file with .pst file extension. As the time moves on, this PST fills up with email messages and at last this can become so large that MS Outlook may start crashing frequently and eventually whole of the PST become corrupt.

Thus this is suggested to backup and archive the PST. Performing the backup on the regular basis is the key term to be safe from these situations emanating from data loss, but the file size problem still remains the issue. So the old mails are archived to decrease the size of the PST. This is the method in which all the old mails are maintained through an Archive.pst file and the path of the source to these messages is changed to Archive.pst. Outlook continues to receive the new e-mail messages. This proves to be the best way to accelerate the Outlook performance and avoid corruption issues.

But what if the archive.pst itself becomes corrupt? In this regard, you may get error messages like:

"Archive.pst could not be accessed"


"The File C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsArchive.pst cannot be found."

Surely this indicates backup failure due to the archive.pst corruption and thus alternative for PST recovery must be looked for. The corruption of archive.pst can be the outcome of virus attack or attempt of the backup system to back up at the time when it is in use.

Whatsoever the reason may be, after this corruption instance, you cant have PST recovery through the backup and so requires some third party application to do the job for you. The corrupted PST is repaired by the PST repair software.

Repair Outlook PST is performed by the influential algorithms crafted for this purpose. Without making any realization of the technical skills to the user, these PST recovery software enhance their capability with certain options.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software works for the best in PST repair in all possible instances of corruption. Applicable for Outlook 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007, this utility ends up at perfect and complete PST recovery with the powerful scanning algorithms.

The user interface of the software allows you to have easy repair Outlook PST. The software repairs and restores all the Outlook objects counting contacts, e-mail messages, tasks, notes, calendar etc. This PST repair tool will give you results beyond your expectations.