Alhassan Andani in Personal Hygiene

Alhassan Andani in Personal Hygiene


By Samuel Lartey

As a young enthusiastic person, my desire has always been to meet be successful and to relate with successful people and share in their experiences to build my personal career path. I have been in a particular organisation for the past 5 years but in March 2006, I had the opportunity of changing job. As has been said not until you move out of your comfort zone and take new challenges you will not find out whether you are growing or not. It could be interpreted to mean you are not ready to learn new lessons in life.

On arrival at the new job and on the usual welcome rounds I bounced into another colleague that was being introduced around. He happened to be a colleague form my previous organisation. He has been taken on board as well in this new organisation. To my delight this man was being introduced as the Managing Director (MD) of the organisation.

My first question was what a world? I stood very dump for a while to reflect over the move. But I said to myself again the mind would keep you always the same, never taking risks and challenges, newness is an enemy to the mind and sameness is its friend.

I came out of my shock and said to myself this is a real self made man. He has managed several banks successfully in the corporate banking business in Ghana; he raised a banks profit to over 300% in his second year in his office and the profit kept growing. With his presence a bank was ranked the best bank in profitability for 4 years running. He was poached by a competitor business. His magic was still on. He turned the new business into a profit making organisation. In two years again he chalked over 400% in this new setting. Whats the magic again?

This is the person known and called in the Ghanaian banking industry as Mr Alhassan Andani. He trained in a Ghanaian Secondary School, excelled in his General Certificate Examinations, and furthered his education in the premier University of Ghana. He graduated with a First Class Honours Degree. The most successful part of Andani is that he is never carried away by his successes but rather challenged to do it better with the next opportunity he will have.

Andani is the one of the Ghanaian I have met who had his jobs been pushed with all plea to handle. He decides if he is comfortable with the role or not. He manages 1st World businesses situated in 3rd worlds and translates 3rd world businesses into world class businesses. He mentors, leads, coaches and inspires his team. Andani is confident and humble. He identifies his weaknesses and learns very fast to fill the gab. He uses his strengths to the fullest of advantage to the development of his personal self, the business and to development of all his team members. He is a great person to work with.

With this background on him my mere sight of Andani gave me a great pleasure of job change and said I am on my way to personal development. I frantically made the effort to chat with him before he gets buried in the new role. I asked him over the corridor this question MD it was an interesting experience working with you. Weve met here again. What is your success story?

My MD shared this story with me. Sammy, my boy, the worst advice you can give to anyone is unsolicited advice. And once you have called for my success story let me share this with you.

I have three critical success factors. They are Personal Hygiene, Company and Colleague.

On my personal hygiene story I have this to say. Life is all about attitude. It is about get your mind busy all the time with positive ideas. Thinking good for yourself and for all other persons. It is about inspiring yourself and inspiring others. Its about feeling happy and excited in all you do. Seeing the glass jar always half full rather than half empty.

On my company story, I always remind myself getting focused. Running my positive mind on my focus. Identify my objectives and the reasons for which I was hired. My worse performance at all times is to deliver what I have been tasked to do. And my usual work is to work on my stretch. I always motivate myself about the reasons for which I was taken on that job rather than another person.

Finally, I say to friends and colleagues that success is about passion. Passion is about keeping to all the factors that would sustain me on my objectives. He said there are three types of colleague. You must identify them and play the game according to how you see them. Some colleagues manage success effectively and would encourage you to reach succeess. Others are really shy of success and would never want to be closer to it. The third are those who are indifferent. In all these three I always try to associate with those who want success and manage it.

He concluded that to be successful, you must work on your mindset, think through your actions, change the way you speak, learn to relate to others, solve problems and the way you negotiate your success.

Alhassan Andani is the Managing Director of Stanbic Bank Ghana.