Add Plant To Goldfish Aquarium

Add Plant To Goldfish Aquarium

Aqua plants are something you can add to your aquarium to look more beautiful and attractive. If you own a goldfish tank, deciding what plant to add and how many can be a bit of a problem. Your goldfish can start eating your plant so you have to buy more plants for your goldfish aquarium.

There are two types of plants: artificial plants and real plants. Your plant can be partially of fully submerged in your aquarium. It depends on how you like your aquarium to look. The best type of plant to start with is the artificial plant. This is recommended to all beginners who also do not have much experience with keeping goldfish. The artificial plant can not be eaten by your goldfish and you do not have to always replace it.

This looks good in your tank, last longer and provides shelter for your goldfish. For artificial plants, the silk one are the best for your goldfish. Plastic ones can sometimes get scratchy and hurt your goldfish, specially if you own Moors, Bubble Eyes or Telescope Eye or any kind of goldfish that has very sensitive body parts.

The real plants are the ones your goldfish will start considering them as a snack. It is natural for your goldfish to start biting from your aqua plant. Goldfish usually do that. The downside of this kind of plant is that you have to keep buying them constantly. A real plant can also pose a big problem to your fish friends under some conditions. You see, when you add a plant to your tank, this will cause changes in the oxygen, Ph, Nitrite levels and the entire Cycling process. It is best to add a real plant in that first week when you have set up your aquarium, testing it, you you have not yet added your goldfish. If you have goldfish in your tank, do not add more than one plant at a time and do water changes.

There are some cases when the owners add the real plant to their goldfish tank and set off the Nitrogen Cycle and it ends up with your goldfish suffering ammonia burns. Also keep in mind to clean your plant before you add it to the tank because it might contain some diseases. You can never be sure so you have to do it.

To keep algae under control you must not place the tank into direct sunlight, do not leave the UV lights running more than 8 hours a day, remove all uneaten food and do weekly water changes. To learn more about goldfish plant and how to take care of goldfish visit