A Simple Introduction To Step Aerobics
A Simple Introduction To Step Aerobics

A Simple Introduction To Step Aerobics

Step aerobics are practiced by millions of people. The reason for its popularity may be it is easy to access. Since it is a methods of providing the exerciser with a remarkable aerobics workout that also does not need complex equipment and nor does it need a big space. The only real requirement for Step aerobics should be a flat surface and a step.

A big advantage that is gained from step aerobics is it is a low impact motion and does not result in the joints stress like other activities, such as running or jogging. When a person steps on a platform there is no shock received by the joints and it also does not require any considerable amount of coordination or athleticism.

The Step Aerobic Exercise Basics

You may be recommended a step aerobic exercise program if you joined an aerobics class. They may tell you that a step aerobic exercise program will help you reduce fat, strengthen your muscles and increase your aerobic endurance.

However, before start any new exercise program it is always important to understand what the program entails, what are the benefits and what are the concerns. Knowing Step Aerobic Exercise first may be a shortcut.

One should also have appropriate workout clothing and a good pair of sneakers, which should rather be light in weight because there is a lot of stepping to be done and the footwear should also support the arch of the foot and able to absorb shocks. Appropriate footwear is very important in spite of the fact that step aerobics is a low impact activity.

The only thing to be careful about is that the item should be strong and safe so that there is no harm sustained as a result of falling or by twisting an ankle on an unbalanced step or platform. Also, one can increase the height of the steps or even raise the platform and this should result in increased fitness skill.

The Concept

Different with some other exercises that put considerable stress on the joints of the legs, step aerobic exercise is a physical movement with smallest force placed upon the joints of the lower extremities. In fact, when it comes to strain on the joints of the leg, step aerobic exercise is similar to walking level.

Step aerobic exercise is an aerobic activity that implements a 4 to 12 inch step. Particularly, this cardiovascular exercise involves stepping up onto a raised platform at definite intervals and alternating which leg is used. This routine requires harmonization and may be synchronized with music.

The Benefits

The benefits received from step aerobic exercise would be an admirable cardiovascular workout. This is achieved through the routine that requires you to step up and down on the platform. This raising and lowering of the body involves the large muscles of the lower legs. These actions also reinforce those muscles as well as the tendons and ligaments that connect the muscles and the bones to each other.

The Safety Measures

Step aerobic exercise is same with any exercise activity there are certain precautions that should be obeyed. One such precaution is making sure that you carry out these exercise routines properly.

Proper techniques include stepping up onto the platform utilizing the entire your foot, being close to the step when stepping up and alternate the legs, doing not more than 5 consecutive step ups per leg, do not let your knee to lock and stepping up softly to and down from the step.

Other precautions include using a step that is at the proper height. This range is determined by the expertise of the step aerobic exercise fanatic with a height of 4 inches for a beginner and 12 inches for an expert.

Use The Step Aerobics Equipment

If you decide to buy your own step aerobics equipment, you should plan to spend wherever from $30 to $100 for your stepper. If you can afford to purchase a higher end model, the advantage is that these more expensive models are normally adjustable in height to accommodate different skill levels and workout intensities.

Using step aerobics equipment will help you accomplish all of these goals, and add an extra dimension to your exercise program. You can select to take part in a class that uses step aerobics equipment, or you can purchase the stepper and instructional videos and learn to do your own aerobics exercise at home.

The other excellent advantage is that step aerobics equipment is easy to use, especially if you are already familiar with aerobics routines. The steps are choreographed for music, but instead of moving side to side on the floor, you will be moving vertically by stepping up and down from the platform of your stepper.

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