A Quick Tip On Finding Buyers For Your Domain Names
A Quick Tip On Finding Buyers For Your Domain Names

A Quick Tip On Finding Buyers For Your Domain Names

If youre convinced you have the best domain names, you may just be right!

Many small and medium sized businesses online, have poor and difficult sounding names.

If you could show them a better domain name and how they might profit from it, who knows, they may be very interested to acquire it for their business.

The key is to look for domain names that are similiar and/or inferior to yours.
Heres one way you might go about looking for potential prospects.

Use the search tool at DomainSurfer.com.

Say, if you owned MusicLand.com, just type in musicland in the search box. (also try, music-land, with the hyphen).

This will show you a list of domains that are similiar to yours. You might see a musiclandproductions.com, musiclandstation.com or a emusicland.com. All these are generally inferior to yours.

Click on the domains and see which ones have active websites. Dont spam every domain you come across! You want to limit your interest to those which actually have a proper commercial website. Forget about the inactive sites or those that are parked or those that look like personal home pages.

Lookup the WHOIS info for the owners contact. The one you want is the registrant/administrative contact.

Compose a proper email regarding your business proposal. If possible, use the owners name in your email. If you dont want to look like a spammer, dont use free mail like Yahoo or Hotmail. And make sure you include your full name & telephone number

Here is a sample email you can modify and use.


Dear (name),

I am selling the rights to my domain name - (domain.com)

and am contacting a few companies that I think may be

able to use this web name successfully.

You can use this domain name in your operation as it has

good potential to increase traffic and business to your site.

Please contact me at your convenience if you are

interested in this domain name.

Thank you for your time.


(your name)

(your email add)



It might be a good idea to also state whats so great about your domain.

Does it have good page rank? Search engine listings? Link popularity?

And what all these could mean to the prospect. More customers? Better search engine positions for their keyword?

So there you are.

All this will take time, effort and plenty of patience.

But if you are at the right place at the right time with the right domain, youll be pocketing some nice cash.

All the best!


You can learn more ways to find buyers for your domain

names at http://www.OpenForSale.com

Edwin John is the creator of the "How I Sell My Domain Names:

A Weekend Crash Course" information package.