A Diet To Rid Your Body Of Candida
A Diet To Rid Your Body Of Candida

A Diet To Rid Your Body Of Candida

A little known fact about vaginal yeast infections is that condoms can actually create them too. The use of condoms which have spermicide on them known as nonoxynol-9, has been proven in studies to be linked to increased yeast infections. Some women however, are simply allergic to latex, so using any type of latex condom can start a yeast infection for them.

Some people believe that candida infection causes, or at least contributes to, fibromyalgia. Dr. William Crook, MD, originally proposed the concept of candidiasis as a contributing factor to a number of difficult-to-diagnose disorders. There is still some controversy about Dr. Crooks work, but more people are beginning to agree that candida may have a role in fibromyalgia and other illnesses.

Never douche with vinegar. Vinegar is too acidic! Your vagina is already naturally slightly acidic; a healthy acidic level though. Using vinegar as a douching solution lowers your vaginas pH level which creates a host of vaginal disorders, i.e., yeast infection, mucosal discharge, vaginitis, etc.

There are many treatments available, including antifungal creams and prescription pills from physicians. However, the best and most effective treatments are simple home remedies that have a long-lasting effect, with no side effects. In fact, these remedies not only cure the infection, they can also be taken daily to prevent infection. This is unlike the antifungal medication, which can only be taken during an infection due to the fact that the medication can lose effectiveness if taken regularly.

Yeast infection is a very annoying condition especially for women who are commonly infected by this disease. Yeast infection is caused by the fungus Candida Albans which are always present in the vagina. Increase growth or reproduction of Candida Albans leads to yeast infection.

Factors that can be major causes of yeast infections in women include the use of douches, scented feminine hygiene products, feminine sprays, and regular use of spermicidal creams. The combination of some or all of these products will sometimes ruin the delicate balance of the vagina which in turn can create a yeast infection.

Individuals suffering from iron deficiency anemia and diabetes are more susceptible to get thrush than those not suffering from these diseases. So if you suffer from these diseases you must be doubly careful in avoiding thrush. Avoid alcohol, steroids and too much sugar if you feel that you are susceptible to thrush. These substances can prohibit the growth of Candida Albicans.

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