A Car Roof Box, A Stylish Boot On The Roof
A Car Roof Box, A Stylish Boot On The Roof

A Car Roof Box, A Stylish Boot On The Roof

Are you thinking you need a bigger car than the one youve got? Are you put off by the thought of all the extra expense involved in running a bigger car? In any case the car you normally drive suits you most of the time and parking its so much easier than it would be with a larger model. Cleaning the car takes up enough time as it is without having a bigger one to clean.

Thats not all either. A bigger car doesnt just bring bigger fuel bills although thats bad enough in these days of high fuel prices. Theres the larger and more expensive tyres, higher servicing costs and the insurance premiums are likely to be considerably higher too. Then the emissions figure is sure to be higher so it will probably cost you more in vehicle excise tax. If youre concerned about your carbon footprint you wont like the effect on that either.

So what should you do? Well lets think about why you think a bigger car would be useful. Do you need to carry more people than your present car has seats for? No? Thought as much. Is it because you need more space to carry things rather than people? "Yes," did you say? Thats no surprise either. Its so often the case that people need more boot space rather than more seating space in a car.

Even if you have an estate car you soon fill up the space behind the back seats and if you need to use the back seats for sitting on the only way is a bigger estate car which brings us back to square one. Is it the only answer though? Well happily, no it isnt.

Yes, there is an alternative. Add another boot to the car. Put it on the roof. In other words fit a car roof box. Theres all that space up on the roof just going to waste. Car roof boxes make good use of it.

The leading manufacturers of car roof boxes are Karrite and Thule. You can buy Karrite roof boxes in a range of models to fit your existing vehicle whatever it is. Theres a range of sizes too, up to 580 litres, all made of the same immensely strong and hard wearing material, and theyre amazingly light when theyre empty.

Thule roof boxes are made to be compatible with the Thule roof bar system which provides the ultimate in roof load security. Thule also offer an extensive range of designs and sizes of car roof boxes.

The shape of Karrite roof boxes and Thule roof boxes is very cleverly designed for aerodynamic efficiency to minimise the effect on your cars performance and handling. You could even forget its there! Seriously though do remember the extra height before you enter a multi-storey car park with a low roof. You may want to measure Your own garage doorway before you drive in with the roof box fitted. It all depends what the normal height of your particular vehicle is without the car roof box.

Because of the highly efficient aerodynamic shape of any of the Karrite roof boxes or the Thule roof boxes your cars fuel consumption will suffer very little. If youd bought a bigger car the effect would almost certainly have been considerably greater.

All models in both ranges come with a very easy to use central locking system and the lids are supported when open by a patented dual force system so you dont have to keep holding the lid up so it doesnt drop on your head

You will need roof bars on your car first because both roof box ranges are designed to fit to roof bars. You can use any suitable roof bars, but to be really sure and maintain the same standard of quality throughout its worth remembering that Karrite roof boxes and Thule roof boxes are designed to be compatible with the Thule system of roof bars.

All thats needed is for you to choose the most suitable Thule roof bars for your car and the Karrite or Thule roof box that best suits your needs and then have them fitted. You can fit them yourself without much difficulty but if you have any doubts about it, remember you are going to be carrying stuff in this box on the roof of your car around the all kinds of roads, often at speed so it would make sense to have them fitted professionally.

There seems little point in buying the best car roof boxes and roof bars on the market and then skimping bon the fitting. Safety is of paramount importance, your own and everyone elses, and what price your own peace of mind?

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