6 Tips Designed to Help You Maximize Your AdClick Media Revenue
6 Tips Designed to Help You Maximize Your AdClick Media Revenue

6 Tips Designed to Help You Maximize Your AdClick Media Revenue

6 Tips Designed to Help You Maximize Your AdClick Media Revenue

By Abe Cherian

Copyright © 2008

Have you ever considered advertising your website with an ad network?

Of course, with the New York Times reporting over 200 ad networks, it is increasingly difficult for agencies and marketers to make sense of this very crowded marketplace. So how can you be sure of which one will work for you?

I am writing this article to inform thousands of existing users and marketers how to maximize their profits with AdClick Media, a new photo text ad network that can drive traffic to your website in droves-if utilized correctly, that is.

AdClick Media is a targeted photo text ad network, the first of its kind. Each AdClick Media account encompasses both Advertiser and Publisher capabilities. Advertisers may post a text ad, including a miniature photo, and target each ad to any one of 30 categories and 239 countries.

Thats a lot of potential advertising power! But how can you secure a steady volume of traffic, boost your income, and retain excellent click-through by using AdClick Media?

TIP #1: Select The Right Picture

Unique to AdClick Media is the option to add a photo to your text ad. Applied correctly, a relevant photo can make or break the readers decision to click through to your website.

A picture brings the web surfers eyes to your ad, so you should start by selecting the right picture. Your picture should be appropriate to your ads content, and not too flashy or colorful. Garish photos just scream "unprofessional", and could actually negate any benefit that your well-written text ad might gain you.

You know that you have chosen the right picture when it flows effortlessly into the ad. It should be related to the content of your text ad, and complement the headline. For instance, if your headline is "Tax cuts: Pillows for a hard landing", the photo you use clearly should not be of a pillow, but rather a photo of a tax form or even of a graph.

Lastly, remember that the photo on your ad must be 60x60 pixels. If you have the perfect photo thats just a bit too big, dont panic...there are many great programs to help you resize photos. The best one that Ive used is Irfanview. This program is extremely simple to learn, and is absolutely free to use.

Download Irfanview here:


TIP #2: If You Have a Strong Offer, Put It In The Headline

The best way to get people read your ad is to guarantee a benefit for the reader in the headline.

Always use a strong offer: Something that is high in demand, and is of low cost to you. A free product or subscription trial, gift, or even free information is a great offer to include in your headline.

Presentation is important as well, and should not be overlooked. AdClick Media boasts a generous 55 character limit for your headline, so you will have considerably more flexibility in this area than with most other text ad networks.

To attract the eye, I suggest using all capital letters for your headline. And since were on the subject of presentation, I should also mention that the exclamation point can either be your headlines best friend, or its worst enemy.

One exclamation point can get the reader excited, while more than one may kill your credibility. This is one tool to use sparingly, so remember-less is more!

If you still have trouble crowning your ad with a compelling headline, I strongly recommend this page from Rent-a-List.com.

23 Attention Grabbing Headlines:


TIP #3: Ad Copy Body

Equally as important as the headline is-you guessed it-your ad body. Now that you have captured the attention of your potential client, youll want to stress the importance of your offer. Create the need for your product or service.

The aim of your opening sentence is to involve the reader. Make your ad applicable to them. This can be achieved one of three ways.

• The Bold Statement - You can open your ad body with a bold statement that will prompt the reader to find out more about your offer. Some great examples of opening with a statement can be found here: http://www.rent-a-list.com/learningcenter/learn_internet_marketing_11.cgi/rent-a-list

• The Question - Opening your ad body with a question is one of the most popular methods to include the reader into your pitch. A fantastic resource for questions you can use is: http://www.rent-a-list.com/learningcenter/learn_internet_marketing_12.cgi/rent-a-list

• The Challenge - Using a challenge to open your ad with takes some tact. If you open with a challenge, you must ensure that the rest of your ad delivers. If it falls flat, youll lose that valuable click-through to your website. Here are some pretty good challenges: http://www.rent-a-list.com/learningcenter/learn_internet_marketing_13.cgi/rent-a-list

TIP #4: The Moment of Decision - Close Your Ad

The effort that you put into your ad should only be to grab the internet surfers attention, and in the best case scenario, to get them to click-through to your website. A good ad generates interest, makes a promise, and compels the reader to click on your link.

So how can you get the reader to follow through to your website? The trick is to close with an action phrase, or "call-to-action". Lets face it, the old "Click here!" standby is weak these days, and easily ignored. How about something that stands out, and really makes the reader want to click?

Take a look at these powerful action phrases that you can use to close any ad: http://www.rent-a-list.com/learningcenter/learn_internet_marketing_14.cgi/rent-a-list

TIP #5 - Choose the Right Target and Geo-Targeting Features

With a PPC network like AdClick Media, it is imperative that your ad is exclusively sent to a fitting category. If your offer is best placed in the "Business Opportunity" category, surely you dont want to send it to "Travel & Leisure".

Actually, lets assume for a moment that your website is suited to both "Business Opportunity" and "Travel & Leisure". Perhaps you are part of a lodging or cruise company. Maybe you have an affiliate program to boot, and you want to choose "Affiliate Programs".

Feel free to send your offer to all three. On AdClick Media, you can select up to three at a time, out of 30 categories.

Geographical location also plays a major role when it comes to laser-targeting your ad to a pertinent audience. Save yourself the wasted cost-per-click and send your offer to appropriate countries.

AdClick Media offers 239 countries to choose from, including three unique geo-targeted categories as well: English Speaking Countries, USA and Canada, and European Countries.

TIP#6: Place Multiple Ads Going to the Same Sales Page - Split Test

Now that your photo-text ad has been optimized for maximum efficiency, its time to test it out.

Place the ad you just created on multiple websites. In fact, one of the best ways you can test your ad is to make it a little different for each website that you post it on. This is called split testing, and it is intended to show you which ad pulls more.

To split test, just tweak one of few things, and send different versions of your ad to separate websites. In AdClick Media, you can change the photo, the targeted categories, the geographical location(s), or even your headline and call-to-action.

This will illustrate a wide range of responses, and you can measure the progress to see which ad works best.

Get Started Now, and Instantly Jumpstart Your Profits!

If you follow these 6 tips, you will not only explode your traffic, but also drastically increase your profits with AdClick Media advertising. Remember-making a habit of using these techniques every time you advertise with AdClick Media is paramount to maximizing your response...and your revenue!

Join AdClick Media Today: http://adclickmedia.com/m/join.cgi/adclickmedia
About The Author: Abe Cherian is the founder and CEO of AdClickMedia.com, an online advertising network and a subsidiary of Multiple Stream Media. Signup today and claim your $10 free advertising credit. http://www.adclickmedia.com