6 Secret Methods to Determine a Mans Interest

6 Secret Methods to Determine a Mans Interest

As ladies, we are usually concerned as to how the men we are interested in feel about us in turn. Would you like to know if the man really likes you? This does not really have to be a conundrum that is too difficult to unravel. This is due to the fact that there are actually a number of things that will help you to determine how that guy you like truly feels about you. The signs mentioned in this article will help you to be better placed in making appropriate responses.

1. His gaze

One of the things that will reveal a mans interest in you is the manner in which he looks at you. If you notice that the man seems to be looking at you every now and then, there are high chances that he likes you. If his gaze is complemented by smiles at times when your eyes lock, this is an even stronger indication. Theres another way in which he may act when your eyes lock is to look away instead. This too betrays his interest in you.

If a mans face seems to light up when he takes note of you, this is another important indicator of his interest.

2. Nervous appearance

As confident as we take our male counterparts to be, they tend to show some signs of being nervous when they have some special interest in us. So look out for any such indications. Does he appear fidgety? How about his palms, do they sweat? How does he respond when you call him? These are some things that will show you that a man is nervous, which is an indicator of his interest in you.

3. General body language

The body has a unique way of revealing peoples real emotions, and you should study a mans body language to get what it tells you. Such an apparently simple thing as leaning either towards or away from you will reveal how he feels about you. If he seems to lean towards you, this is an indication of keen interest, as he tries to take in everything you say and move closer to you. Even the direction towards which his feet point will betray his feelings. Do they point towards your direction? You may even notice him trying to copy the movements that you make. Such body movements will show you what the man really thinks of even without his notice. Although there are some deliberate body movements, most of them take place even without the man realizing it.

4. Being close to you

A man who is interested in you will find excuses for getting closer to you. Or he may simply sit in the same side as you in a crowd.

5. Does he seek your view?

In case there is some kind of discussion, the man will try to solicit for your view on the matter.

6. Recalling things you discussed before

An interested man will recall some of the things you had discussed even quite a long time ago. These do not have to be major issues. He will tend to remember fairly minor things that you said when he is interested in you.

You should then lay your strategy well to take advantage of the mans interest and he will make his approach.

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