5 Top Ways To Treat Athletes Foot

5 Top Ways To Treat Athletes Foot

If Youve Got itching on the foot that can not help scratching, you might have a terrible case of athletes foot. But theres no need to worry, five different ways you can treat yourself that does not require a prescription.

Face to store

The best remedy for athletes foot May be available in your supermarket or pharmacy mart. Look for creams and ointments that contain clotrimazole or miconazole as their active ingredient. These are topical creams that can be applied directly on the feet.

All you need to do is to reapply the cream after the shower to clean, dry feet and cover with a pair of cotton socks. The cream should be two or three times a day, after about two to three weeks.

The adoption of the natural route

Another excellent way to treat athletes foot is similar to the method of the shop, but with a natural oil. Tea tree oil is known for its anti fungal properties and works to destroy the fungus in the feet.

Youll need to start with your feet clean and dry and then apply oil to affected areas. You can do several times a day during the time necessary to treat the symptoms.

And that makes your feet smell great.

Cures from the kitchen

When you want to get rid of athletes foot, to be open a few cupboards. Both baking soda and vinegar has been shown that treating fungal condition through simultaneously.

For baking soda, you can soak your feet in a mixture of powder and warm water. And if you have some vinegar apple cider, use instead of baking soda.

How to clean the feet of mushrooms

Some will tell you soak your feet in bleach is also a good alternative for treating athletes foot. However, this must be done carefully in May or you hurt your feet. You should only use two tablespoons of bleach regular laundry in a gallon of warm water.

Soak feet for ten minutes and you can see results within a week.

Not frighten the itching and redness

And while garlic is great for vampires, the best athletes foot. This is because antibiotics ingredients garlic help to cure the infection. Just rub a clove of garlic (one thats been cut in half) on the affected area several times a day.

But with all these ways to treat athletes foot, the best advice is to avoid in the first place. Make sure your feet remain dry and avoid walking on their bare feet in the conditions which are likely to harbor funguspublic shower to try and footwear, where the shoes without a barrier.

And, of course, good hygiene to keep your feet clean and happy, and I hope that without purities.

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