5 Health benefits of Drinking Water

5 Health benefits of Drinking Water

The best gift you can give your body is drinking water regularly on a daily basis. Want to know why? Here are five good reasons.

Health Benefit # 1
It keeps you from getting dehydrated. Even on a normal day when you are not on a diet and not exercising your body loses water. This needs to be replenished by drinking water regularly.

Health Benefit # 2
Drinking water speeds up your metabolism. When your body has sufficient water to do its bodily functions the metabolic rate jumps up and gives you more efficient digestion.

Health Benefit # 3
You skin will glow. Drinking water regularly ensures that toxins get flushed out of your system and you are rewarded by a flawless complexion. The skin needs lots of water to stay hydrated and supple, so make sure you drink up.

Health Benefit # 4
Avoid being constipated. If you are having trouble with your bowel movements drinking water regularly can ease the problem. The water helps expand the roughage in the food consumed, making it easier for you to move your bowels.

Health Benefit # 5
Drinking water which is mildly warmer than usual helps burn fat. It is a fact that the Japanese drink a cup of warm tea without milk after a meal. This is because they know that the warm drink is going to soothe the stomach and aid the burning of fat cells. A great way to shed excess calories with no extra effort.

So make sure that you keep that glass topped up during each meal and keep drinking water.

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