5 Easy No-Sew Halloween Costume Ideas

5 Easy No-Sew Halloween Costume Ideas

Everyone wants a great Halloween costume but if you want to create your own instead of going with those common store-bought varieties, we have some suggestions for you. If you would like to design a costume for Halloween but prefer to keep it simple with no sewing involved, here are some great easy ideas.

One of the oldest and simplest ideas around is the ghost costume. All you need is an old white sheet and a pair of scissors. Cut out slots for the eyes so you can see where you are going and youve got it made.

Dressing like T.V. characters is always a lot of fun. Take Pippi Longstocking, for example. All you need are some knee high colorful socks, hair in pigtails and use an eyebrow pencil for freckles (if you dont have them naturally). Add a simple shirt and a pair of jeans with the legs rolled up and your costume is complete.

If you want to be a little more eye-catching, how about being Cinderella for a night? Pick out one of your prettiest dresses, fix up your hair and apply just the right amount of makeup. Add a pair of fancy ballroom shoes and some sparkly jewelry and you are ready for a Halloween you will not forget for a long time. Just make sure you are ready to run when the clock strikes twelve.

Another famous Halloween costume is Abraham Lincoln. You need a dark suit and a white shirt with tie, along with a top hat and a fake beard. What a simple but distinguish costume that does not require much effort at all!

If you prefer something a little more dramatic, then use some old clothes and cut holes and make rips in the shirt and pants. Buy some Halloween makeup along with some fake blood to make your costume more realistic. Put all this together and you have the perfect zombie costume.

Remember if all else fails, you can always purchase one of the many Halloween face masks that are made available today. Add them to an outfit that matches the theme of the mask and they make great Halloween costumes. Dressing up for Halloween can be simple and a lot of fun when you let your imagination take over for a night.

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