Unusual Halloween Costumes For Him and Her

Unusual Halloween Costumes For Him and Her

You and your husband have been invited to a costume party for Halloween. But neither of you have anything to wear! Should you run to the local discount store and buy anything that will fit you? Of course not! Be unique and original with couples costume sets you can find online!

Some of the funniest choices for couples costumes I found were:Salt and Pepper Shakers – These light-weight costumes would be perfect on those balmy Halloween nights. Complete with shaker top hats, these costumes will be the talk of the party.Bowling Ball and Pin – There is no better couple than the bowling ball and pin.

This set would be great at a Halloween party for your bowling league!Hot Dog and Mustard – A holiday treat, even on Halloween, is the hot dog. Why not dress like one and be your own treat?Ketchup and Mustard – The same mustard costume paired with its favorite complimentary condiment.Pizza Slices – Your favorite pepperoni snack has now become a costume.

Make a pizza box purse for that nights festivities to complete the ensemble. Traffic Lights – Whether you are thinking stop or go, these costumes will let you know! The front lights up for party fun. Included is a hat that resembles the top of the light.Some of the more outrageous couples costumes I found were:

The Plug and The Socket costume set

The Ball and Chain costume set

The Lock and Key costume set

The Nuts and Bolts costume set

The Handcuffs costume set

I say "outrageous" because of the placement of the props on the costumes.

When you look them up, youll understand. Many of the couples costumes you will find should be worn to adult only parties. The hidden meanings of the various costumes wont be lost on children and could make for more uncomfortable moments instead of good, clean fun. Although some of these costumes are rather expensive, some are reasonably priced.

Buy one this year and youll be the talk of Halloween parties for years to come. Nicola always enjoys celebrating Halloween with her husband. Visit her Halloween site for tips and information about

Couples Halloween Costumes

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