3 Most Important Things To Consider While Buying Used Computers

3 Most Important Things To Consider While Buying Used Computers

Buying used computers is never an easy task. You will be well aware that you cannot judge the condition of a computer just by seeing its appearance. Moreover, if you are not an expert in identifying the working condition of the computer accessories, you will have lots of trouble in buying the used computers. If you have no knowledge even about the basics of the computers, you should always avoid buying used computers. In case your budget is limited, the refurbished computers will be the best options for you. IF you have a basic idea of the operation of the computer, this article will help you to check the 3 most important parts to check while buying the used computers.

1. Checking The Computer Accessories Inside The CPU

As you may know, CPU is the main unit of a computer and so we should start checking with it. Just turning the power of the computer on and getting the operating system loaded doesnt mean that all the computer accessories are working perfectly. For example, the RAM (memory module) failure may not be indicated immediately. RAM failures can be identified only by working on the computer for at least 15 minutes. Certain RAM failures can be identified with the beep codes. You should have noticed a beep sound while turning on the PC. Each beep states an error in the memory module. The beep codes and their explanations are widely available online. Be sure to check the beep codes first. You should also operate the computer with some demanding programs to check the hard disk performance. There are thousands of hard disk diagnostic software available out there for this purpose. Hard disk failures will result in data loss and so hard disk is one of the components that have to be checked.

2. Checking The Display The Display

This is the common part were many of them get tricked. Just checking the software settings for the display will not ensure the working condition of the monitor. Remember that there are hardware buttons for the alignment of the display on the monitor. In many cases any of these hardware buttons on the will not work. This will leave you with no possibility to change the alignment settings of the monitor. So you should make sure that the monitor hardware buttons are fully functional.

3. Beware Of Stolen Goods

Apart from checking the quality of the used computers you have to check their authenticity too. Stealing the computer parts seems to be easy and these stolen goods are sold for dead cheap prices. If you are attracted by the cheap pricing of these stolen goods, you are making a big mistake. Buying stolen used computers will make you end up in severe legal issues. So be sure to check the authenticity of the used computer supplier.

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