Women Want a Real Man: Defined

Women Want a Real Man: Defined

A look into the popular adage of women wanting a real man.

When women say they want a real man, they mean it. Theyre tired of guys only being interested in one thing and being so intimidated by them.

Single women are really looking forward to meeting a real man that theyve often forgot what to do if that real man comes along because its all so conscious on the forefront of their

When youre a real man around women, all kinds of interesting things happen.

But what does a real man mean?

Notice how women say they like a man who is comfortable in his own skin.

Let me clarify that some more. They want a man who is comfortable in his own skin in relation to THEM. A man who is high in natural character and doesnt give up his power.

See, an everyday guy (who is a real man) can be comfortable in his own skin until he sees a glimpse of T&A under tight clothing right in front of him and he instantly drops into a conditioned behavioral response.

His relationship to his environment and her changes.

He actually drops in what I call character around the woman.

He gets nervous, fidgety, his heart starts beating faster and he starts thinking about what to do, how to approach or what he would say to get the prize.

The true relationship between then is already evident. She is the behavioral stimulus and he is the response.

Now if he just kept his relational independence in the first place, hed be fine. THEN he would be a real man. Its all in the type of relationship he has with her.

When he is being himself without changing his behavior around women in any sense, then women can trust him physiologically.

Women can then naturally slip into the response mode because man is the stimulus in the mating game. He should be a constant stimulus who is always comfortable and all kinds of doors will open with women.

Since women are the response, theyll also respond to the stimulus of these nervous, intimidated guys who are thrown off by her sexuality and her very real behavior.

A woman just wont respond to them the way those men wanted her to respond.

Its more like Get away loser.

Why? Apart from the reality that our women arent behaving natural (which doesnt matter in success with them), its because he wasnt being a real man. He was in the wrong
relational dynamic with her.

Its obvious to see how this further hurts the male ego and self-esteem.

All of his behavioral uncomfort and the signals he sends is rooted in having an inaccurate alpha model of female sexuality in the first place.

Hes been conditioned by the media and the world around him to be in the social relational dynamic with women instead of the natural relational dynamic.

Its up to the man to know that so he can get on the path to REAL physiological change and comfort around women. The woman doesnt care how he does it or who he is even, until
she sees that he is comfortable in his own skin in relation to her.

THAT is when it all begins.

Then she can trust him to be a constant stimulus so that she is safe to open up and experience full-on natural attraction.

And this whole process usually happens within a few seconds often before he even sees her. She will have determined a lot of information about him up front because he is always communicating.

Dont you want to (always) be communicating the RIGHT signals that attract women?

Wouldnt it be great to actually BE equal in relational power to the most beautiful and desired women on earth?

These women are so used to the same old thing from men when theyre not interested in them in the first place. You come along and be the guy that can make a casual connection with
them without any pretense and without ever giving up your power, youre going to melt some women right there.

The thing is, you cant act it. You have to be it because women know. Finally there is a defined way to actually become a natural (back to your roots).

Its Alpha Relational Dynamics.

Thats why I receive signals from women about everywhere I go while other guys dont. Their intuition knows that I am a real man who is comfortable in relation to their power and beauty.

THAT is something worth having. Its value because youre finally their equal (or greater)...then the excitement can begin and the women are the ones who are then in competition for the real man...not someone like you, you!