Win Back An Ex Girlfriend With Thoughtful Ways

Win Back An Ex Girlfriend With Thoughtful Ways

Are you wondering, "Can I get my ex girlfriend back?" If you sincerely are sitting around thinking that, then you still have some feelings for her and you also feel that your breakup wasnt so devastating that it is impossible to get back together. Being positive is the first step. Hopefully she feels like she wants you back as well, or at least wants to give you a second chance.

If you were the cause of some hurt in the relationship that occurred during the breakup you should offer some form of apology. If you truly do feel sorry and you feel you were at fault (or partially so) for saying or doing some bad things than showing you are sorry, in some way, is a positive step to getting your girlfriend back.

There is no guarantee that showing your sensitive side will get her back, but it certainly wont hurt. Most people are flattered by someone apologizing, and showing they are sensitive. When you do sensitive things such as this the odds tilt in your favor for wining your girl back. By showing some concern for your ex you are displaying that you do miss her and have appreciated her. But if your girlfriend is showing anger at your apologetic offers, be it sending her flowers or cards, then you may have to try something different until she quits getting angry and realizes you are sorry.

Perhaps, if she doesnt respond to your gestures of apology you need to do something a little more personal. After all, anyone can send flowers. Try sending a blank card that you have written some poetry in. Dont be too corny with the poetry though, but write some sincere words. You can get inspiration reading old love poetry that the famous have written for instance, but change the words for your own situation. That is what I used to do, and it flatters them every time. Or, if you have some imagination you can send a really cool homemade card or pick a unique flower arrangement of your own design, to send.

What you are trying to do is be a more thoughtful person. One of the major complaints women have toward men is that they arent thoughtful. It is not 100 percent certain being more thoughtful will work, but it does tilt getting back with an ex girlfriend in your favor. All the positive things you accomplish toward your goal will work to get her back. It may take some time, so be patient and keep trying if she is worth it to you. You want to do thoughtful things because you feel good about doing them, not because you are trying to trick your ex to come back to you. She may see through that and it will make things worse. If you had not been a very thoughtful person in your relationship before, than it may take longer than you think as she learns to like the new you.

If you have been broken up for a while but you are still trying to get your ex back and still doing thoughtful things like sending her presents, it is ok if you go on a casual date with another lady. Just dont get carried away and flaunt it in front of the ex. It may even work in your favor if she gets jealous and sees you as potentially moving on with a new woman.

If your ex girlfriend now has a new boyfriend it may be a different story. Now youll have to show her she would be happier with you instead of him. However do not do things in jealous anger, but continue a thoughtful gesture toward her on occasion (birthday cards, holiday cards, etc.). Dont give up even if it now seems hopeless. When you write to her in cards do so as a friend wishing her a good week, or something like that. Dont write words of deep love that her new male friend may read. Being concerned for her will go a long way in getting her back.

More important than anything is having a step by step plan for winning your ex back. Showing her some concern, remaining calm and following the plan will be the best options for you.

Mark D. Jordan is a writer from Pennsylvania who has gotten an ex back at least once. These ideas are only a small part to getting an ex girlfriend back as written in