Wide Body Kits have real purpose besides making your vehicle look awesome

Wide Body Kits have real purpose besides making your vehicle look awesome

Wide Body Kits are more then just for looks

Wide body kits will transform just about any vehicle into the hottest, meanest looking street machine in your neighborhood. The beefy exterior body style will make your car look like its on steroids and to be honest... who want to mess around with anything on steroids.

Besides changing the appearance of a vehicle, which is awesome, wide body kits do have a real purpose. High performance race cars and some rally cars use wider tires for better traction on the road and help grip the surface at high speeds. These wider tires have no where to go except stick out beyond the exterior of the vehicles body. This causes several problems at higher speeds.

The first and foremost problem which all race car designers have to deal with is aerodynamics. Simply put, aerodynamics is the way air flows and reacts as it travels over, around and under a vehicle traveling at high speeds. The shape of the exterior body will effect the performance of the vehicle either by increasing or decreasing its efficiency. Tires sticking outside of the cars body will disrupt the aerodynamics of the vehicle and create unwanted drag.

Wide body kits have fenders which extend over the tires, reducing the unwanted negative air flow from the tires. Now, with the fenders extended further out, the front and rear bumper are designed to match the wider fenders and aid in the aerodynamics

The second problem with tires sticking outside the cars body is a safety concern. Wider bumpers, fenders and side skirts are designed to cover the wider tires to prevent stones flying up and out. For spectators standing along the race track, stones and other objects can injure or even kill a person under the right conditions. They also prevent stones from flying up and into the windshields of the race cars traveling behind.

Aftermarket wide body kits are manufactured with several types of materials. The most common are...
  • Fiberglass wide body kits

  • Urethane wide body kits

  • Fiberglass wide body kits, are the cheaper of the two and can be repaired when damaged. However, fiberglass is prone to damages more easily compared to urethane. Knowing what your needs are will help you choose between the two materials wide body kits are made of.

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