Why Doesnt Your Boyfriend Call?

Why Doesnt Your Boyfriend Call?

You can be greatly frustrated if you are deeply concerned about your boyfriend yet he does not seem to enjoy calling you. If your guy does not call, a lot of things will pass through your mind. However, before you drive yourself crazy about this issue, there are a number of factors that you should be aware of.

Realize that men are different

One of the greatest problems arises from the lack of understanding the differences between men and women. There is more to it than just physical differences. Men communicate in a different way from us, and what may be a great bother to you may hardly even get the attention of your guy. In general, we tend to find it very easy to use the phone, even for hours. Perhaps you are one such example. You may enjoy spending time as you share details that your guy will consider rather trivial. This, however, does not mean that you are being trivial. It is a very special way through which you can achieve needed bonding.

On the other hand, a man will rarely see the need to use the phone unless there is something concrete he would like to pass to you. When he calls, he will go straight to his point. For instance, he may call you to arrange a date and thats all.

This again is not to say that all men are like this. However, there are high chances that your boyfriend may be a good example.

So, when you are wondering as to why your boyfriend does not call, you should understand his nature.

Bear in mind the pattern you have developed. It is very easy for people to form habits. You may have fallen into a pattern in your relationship that didnt encourage your boyfriend to call. You should hence review the pattern that has developed in your relationship as you try to understand why he does not call.

In addition to finding out why he does not call, you should lay strategies that will encourage him out of his habit.

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