Why Dating is so Hard

Why Dating is so Hard

Why Dating is so Hard

Everyone has gone through and for those who havent, get prepared because dating can be an interesting ride. It has its ups and it has its downs, but one thing is for sure, getting started can be tough. Everyone always says that dating is for fun, but why does it seem to be so difficult for some people?

I believe that there are a lot of reasons why dating can be a difficult task, but one of the main reasons is because it requires everyone to step outside of their comfort zone and allow someone else to get to know them. Learning to do things that are different can require courage, motivation, and most importantly a desire to do it, and many people are not willing to put forth the work. Dating is the same way, if you are not willing to get out there and work on it, chances of someone falling into your life can be slim. Gaining that desire and motivation might be one of the largest hurdles that make dating so hard.

Many people try too hard to be something that they really arent in order to convince people to like them. A first date can often times bring a lot of stress with it because its your one chance to make an impression, and some may just try too hard. If you look a first date as a job interview, of course its going to be stressful; the key is learning to relax and letting your own personality do the talking. Its easy to forget that you are out there to have a good time and enjoy the company.

Expectations may be set too high in dating. What I mean to say is that there are occasions where it is easy to over evaluate every detail of a date, rather than having fun with it. Some may feel that dating is a prelude to marriage; which is true sometimes; however for the majority, it is a chance to get out and have a good time. If you have the mind set that because you landed a date you might have a foot in the door for a shot at marriage, you may be setting your expectations a bit too high. Relax, its just a date, so get out there and have fun.

Dating can be so much fun; it doesnt have to be hard. Be confident with who you are and stand up for what you believe. Listen to your date, laugh with them, and just spend time getting to know each other. If things are meant to work out, they will do it effortlessly. This is your opportunity to show someone else who you really are, so get out there and enjoy the ride.

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