Why Clean Your Computer? --- Germs, Dead Skin Cells, Dust, and Maybe Even Buggers?

Why Clean Your Computer? --- Germs, Dead Skin Cells, Dust, and Maybe Even Buggers?

Germs, Dead Skin Cells, Dust, and Maybe Even Buggers?

What types of contaminates are in your computer? According to some experts, a toilet may be cleaner than your computer. Thats right a toilet!

In this article I will attempt to explain why you should clean or have your computer cleaned on a regular basis. Not only from a sanitary standpoint but also from a performance standpoint.

US health expert Chuck Gerba a microbiologist from the University of Arizona performed a study on computer cleanliness and found that the average workstation has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet.

I dont know about you but: . . . . . . Yuck!

According to computer giant IBM, if all the dust, dirt and contaminates were removed from with inside the computers, less than 1% would fail over the next few months.

How often should you clean your computer?

How often should a PC be cleaned? It really depends on the environment it is subjected to.

If you are non-smoker we recommend cleaning or having your PC cleaned at least every six months. On the other hand if you are a smoker you should clean or have your computer cleaned every three months or so.

Why clean your computer?

Cleaning your computers and accessories on a regular basis can help stop the spread of germs and viruses as well as keep your PC and its components in great working condition.

Stop and think for a minute about all the things your computer may be subjected to everyday.

Sanitary Reasons To Clean

Dust, germs and viruses, dead skin cells, animal hair, human hair, food particles, cigarette smoke, salvia, and yes maybe even buggers. Can you think of more? These alone should make you want to scrub your keyboard, mouse, scanner, and computer right now and give it a thorough cleaning. Do the phones too, they are the worst!

Performance Reasons To Clean

When your computer and components are in operation static electricity is produced thus attracting dust particles to your PC.

The two biggest enemies of computers and PC components are heat and corrosion.

When dust builds up in your computer it forms a blanket on your inner components thus creating extra heat, not to mention components can now possibly short themselves across the many different circuits on the inside of your PC.

Dust bunnies can form around your cooling fan and power supply restricting overall ventilation resulting in heat failure.

We perform preventative maintenance on just about everything else we own, why do we overlook proper PC maintenance? You wouldnt let your car go for months and months without an oil change would you?

I would recommend hiring a professional computer cleaning service for all of your computer cleaning needs. They are professionals and have all of the necessary tools and proper equipment to perform the needed operations. Most are very affordable - Its just worth letting a pro do the job.

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