What Makes An Effective Plumbing Business Card?

What Makes An Effective Plumbing Business Card?

If you are a plumber and the requests for your services have gotten to be few and far between, you may have often asked "What makes an effective plumbing business card?" True, the attractive design and the glossy finish should count for something but more importantly, your business card should say what the customer wants to hear.

Of course, this does not mean having a creative business card is not important. The design is perhaps what the potential client first notices and it should grab enough interest for them to even scan the words printed there. The style and attractiveness of the card should be the first step to being able to present your services to them.

Beyond that initial first impression however, your plumbing card should focus on your plumbing business and how it can help customers -- not on the breathtaking creation of a business card designer. By putting too much effort on finding that perfect card, you may let slip business opportunities that should have been yours for the taking. The best-looking business cards after all, dont always guarantee a steady flow of clients and consequently, income.

Promoting your plumbing business effectively through a business card is challenging, but not impossible. Here are three tips that will help you establish yourself to prospective homeowners as a reliable and skilled plumber.

First you should consider the look. It has been established earlier on that the key to getting people to even just stop themselves from putting your plumbing business card into the waste bin is to make your worth looking at another time. At the very least it should not be just plain paper printed with your personal details and cut down to business card size. You dont have to win a business-card-of-the-year award but you do have to succeed in catching attention.

Secondly, a good plumbing business card should contain readable font. Stay away from a merry mix of font types and sizes that will only serve to distract the customer, instead of getting your message across. And if you change phone numbers or move office, change the info by getting a new batch printed - no crossed-out numbers or addresses please.

The last but definitely not the least aspect to take into consideration is the actual words. Its difficult to squeeze in so many words in a 2.5" by 3.25" sized paper so give a lot of though to what info should be included. Basic contact details are a must but aside from this, your card should also say what your plumbing service can offer like 24/7 and guaranteed service.

A good plumbing business card shouldnt be all about you; it should be also about what the customer needs. While its important that people love your card, its more imperative that the card makes them think of calling you when faced with a plumbing crisis.

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