What Are The Best Places To Distribute Flyers?

What Are The Best Places To Distribute Flyers?

Flyers are a grassroots marketing tool. That means that flyers are handed out, posted or displayed - by you and your team. My1Stop.com and other experienced flyer printing suppliers know that flyers, by definition, provide fast and affordable distribution of a timely message. They know that youll get the best flyer distribution results when you focus on:

1. Who your target market is
2. Where will they be most receptive to seeing and receiving your flyers.

Target Your Market
Getting a time sensitive message to just the right audience is what makes flyers work so well. Your audience might be as large as an entire community or a small as a Sunday School class. Large market or small, grassroots marketers know that your message determines your market.

If youre a school announcing your upcoming 10th annual silent auction, your market could be just the parents of your students or your market could be your entire school district. Using the school auction example, distributing the flyers effectively requires some homework. The auction organizers have to be honest about who really will be interested in the auction message printed on their flyers - and more importantly - who will be most likely to act on the message printed on their auction flyers. The auction team is lucky, they have past auctions to learn from - they might know the radius of buyers with relation to the school, they might know the percentage of parents vs. non parents who make purchases. Knowing specifically who your audience is - will be critical to finding the best place to distribute flyer printing.

Be Where Your Market Is Most Receptive
Flyers are handed out, posted and displayed where your target market hangs out. That might be the local grocery store, the coffee shop, trade shows, home shows, fairs, student drop-off and pick up zones, church and community center lobbies. Clearly, your flyer printing could be distributed almost anywhere.

Thats why you need to know your market very well. Knowing your market helps you pinpoint the best place to "hit them" with your flyers. The more precisely you pin point where to distribute your flyers, the more effective your flyer printing will be. Let us look at the school auction example again. If the auction team knows that most of the auction proceeds come from parents and that most of the parent live, and shop, within 5 miles of the school - then the auction team can narrow their distribution plans greatly. They might look into send flyers home with the students, post flyers on the grocery store bulletin board, ask local merchant to display flyers on counter top displays and ask volunteers to hand out flyers in front of the school drop off zones and the local grocery store. For reaching local audiences in a timely manner, great suppliers and experienced marketers know, flyer printing cannot be beat.

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