Vintage Theme Wedding Flowers

Vintage Theme Wedding Flowers

A popular theme for weddings at the moment is vintage. With so many of us feeling the effect of the credit crunch having a vintage theme wedding can be both stylish and a great money saver. Here are some ideas for wedding flowers and decorations that will suit this theme

The most popular vintage wedding flower colors are lilac, white and pale pink. This can give a lovely subtle tone to your decorations. Good choices of flowers include hydrangeas, lisianthus, roses, stocks and freesias. These can be used on their own or in combination with each other.

Flowers that you should avoid include anything with bright colors such as orange and red. Although I love tropical heliconia and strelitzia, they just dont fit in with a vintage wedding theme.

To get an authentic vintage look to your arrangements, think carefully about the containers that they are going to be placed in. You can get miniature urns that are ideal for putting reception centerpieces in. You can also buy distressed containers that have an English country garden look to them.

There has been a growing trend recently to have a birdcage as a centerpiece. This can then be decorated around the outside with flowers. The inside can also be filled with roses or rose petals.

If you want to have a more romantic feel to your reception, you could opt for antique candelabras or candleholders. These can give a wonderful light and atmosphere to the evening. One of the advantages of having a vintage wedding is that if all the containers dont match - it doesnt really matter.

Vintage bridal bouquets should have a natural look to them. Posy styles are popular amongst brides with this theme. You could also spend some time looking through vintage photographs of brides, to get ideas on what styles of bouquet used to be used.

Once you have decided on your flowers you can finish the wedding decorations with items that coordinate with the colors. For instance you can make some handmade bunting or reception table runners. These can make the ideal finishing touch to a vintage wedding and theyre not expensive.

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