Used car Delhi-NCR- Dream to drive

Used car Delhi-NCR- Dream to drive

Everybody having their own dream to have own car and have a eye on new car always but due to have some financial problem they are not interested to get the new car because of their budget then they should take the decision to purchase a used car, if the person make a checklist before purchasing the used car , he will definitely get the right thing. Before you start your automobile search you should keep some tips in the mind ,Buying a used car is really a very challenging job instead of getting a new car. So we have to maintain some checklist.


Prepare your mind and reach an idea that what kind of car will be good according to your needs and budget and it is also very important to know that what type of car you are looking for which suits your family members. When you finalise your used car you should be study about different car models and their prices so that the model you chosse will be suit your image and lifestyle. Today most of the big automobiles companies like Maruti, Suzuki, Hundai and Toyata have their own business to sell the used car, you can go directly to these dealers.You can also browse the internet or classified on the newspaper for searching the best used car so that you can get the best dealers.

Dont just look at one used car and make the decision, you should always have three of five options in your hands with different used car seller.

Check the car history and other details:-

One more important aspect to buy a used car is to always check the maintenance history of used car.

1.First parameter is the year of registration of the car to calculate the year of manufacture.

2.Secondly check the engine whether it should be smooth while starter.

3.Tyres should be in good condition whether they are not bushings, springs and sounds from the bearings because weal bearings can be expensive.

4. Is battery is in good condition or not?

5. Check its electrical components, lightings and dippers, capin lights and reverse lights and their workings.

6. Check the AC by taking a round in the afternoon.

7. The most important thing you always remember to check the documentation like Insurance certificate, pollution under control certificate, BMC or Municipality certificate, if applicable, Road tax clear or not.

8. If the car was financied earlier then NOC should be issued by the finance company so that you are ensure that the same company has no claim against the car and keep the copy of form 35 dully singned by the financier.

9. Test- driving having a very important role to buy a used car

10 After the satisfaction of car history then you should go through its internal and external condition.

You should know the price of your dream car so that you are able to negotiate with the dealer on the cheapest price and always deal by the demand draft and avoid to give the cash.



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