Use safelists to boost your clickbank sales

Use safelists to boost your clickbank sales

gmail accounts from Google, they are free and have enormous inboxes that can handle the loads of mail you will be getting.

Make these 3 g-mail accounts name them anything you want as long as you know what they are.

1. A contact account
2. A list account
3. A junk mail account

1. Use your contact account for all of your lists as your contact address, you will get notifications and Solo ads in that one, you want to read all the solo ads as they provide large amounts of credits per read.

2. Use your list account as your list e-mail address for Safelists you will occasionally have to read the regular list mail in to build up your credits, most likely any free ones you join will be in here.

3. If you are upgraded in some of your safelists you will be getting Free monthly credits, those along with the solo ads you will read in your contact account may be enough so that you will never have to read the regular list mail for credits, all of those go into the junk mail account and get mass deleted every day.

Some safelists you may be able to mail daily, make a folder named daily in your bookmarks and put all of those in there.

There may be some you can only send mail in every 2 or 3 days or even maybe every week, What I do is I have folders for everyday of the week, and I have safelists in each folder, I send mail with my daily folder and also what ever day it is I use that folder and mail those also, I do this Monday Through Friday.

Every safelist has an option to buy solo ads, if it is in your budget those are also highly recommended as they will almost always be read.

I have a list of 20 safelists on my website all offering Free pro upgrades for a limited time and I also discuss how to effectively use your subject lines.