Types of Laptops
Types of Laptops

Types of Laptops

If we look at the evolution of laptops, it has been quite phenomenal. Not so long back laptops were just portable ones, which you can operate on your lap. However, today it is much more than that. Today there are different types of laptops available that serve different purposes. Before you buy a laptop from any online wholesale auctionsite, refer the list below to make a quick decision

Power Laptops
Power laptops as the name implies are the most powerful of the lot. These are high-speed laptops that get things done in lightning speed.

Gaming Laptops
For the hard-core mobile gamers, gaming laptops are definitely the one to go for. These laptops produce superior quality audio and video images. The faster CPU, sufficient RAM, and the larger display screen give users a completely new gaming experience.

Lightweight Laptops
Lightweight laptops also known as Subnotebook or Ultraportable are designed for those who are constantly on the move. Hence, they are light in weight and have a long battery life. They have small display screen, wireless connectivity but less hardware features.

Dual-core Laptops
Dual-core or dual-processor laptops allow you to multitask unlike before. You can browse, listen to music, and edit video all at the same time without experiencing any problems. An important advantage of dual-core over other laptops is that it consumes much less power. This is because one of the two chips requires less power and hence need less cooling requirements. As a result, the laptops dont get heated up like other laptops. Dual core laptops have a longer battery life and they perform amazingly.

Rugged Laptops
Rugged laptops are for those who work in harsh environments. They are designed in such a way that they can handle both tough conditions and rough handling.

Desktop Replacement
As the name implies these are alternatives to desktops. They have features similar to that of desktops and have larger display screen but shorter battery life. They are less portable when compared to other laptops.

Netbooks are for those who spent considerable amount of their time on the net. These have advanced web accessibility features allowing you to browse the net anytime anywhere.

Tablet PC
Designers and students commonly use tablet PCs. These are portable laptops but in the place of keyboard or mouse, these have stylus or digital pen.