Tubal Ligation Side Effects - Regain Control over Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome
Tubal Ligation Side Effects - Regain Control over Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

Tubal Ligation Side Effects - Regain Control over Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

Do you suffer from post tubal ligation syndrome? What are you doing for your tubal ligation side effects? Maybe those are your questions in that since your tubal ligation your body has not been like it was before having your tubes tied. Now you suffer different symptoms such as migraines, excessive bleeding, reduced to no libido, wild mood swings, and even more. In fact the list of possible symptoms is about 45 items long.

What the question comes down to for you is can you do anything about your tubal ligation side effects? Right now there three different options that are available and that doctors use to treat these symptoms whether they believe in post tubal ligation syndrome or not. That is, if they dont suggest you seek counseling first as some women have experienced.

While not an alternative you would have thought of at first, women suffering from an assortment of these symptoms are put onto birth control pills. Who would have thought that going through a surgery to make sure you dont have any more kids, and not mess with the daily regimen of taking pills, that you would still end up on the pill.

However, one aspect of what might be causing these side effects is a disruption of your hormones. This may be due to an impact of blood flow and atrophy of one or all of your reproductive organs including your ovaries, fallopian tubes or even your uterus. Doctors who do not believe the symptoms are caused by having your tubes tied think that they are a result of going off the pill after the surgery. For the women on the pill before the surgery, this may indeed be part of the cause. But that does not explain the women who have the surgery right after giving birth who end up with post tubal ligation syndrome symptoms.

The next option is even more surgery. You could have a hysterectomy to just remove your reproductive organs. That has its own attendant risks including the fact that you will most likely end up on hormone replacement therapy. Be sure to look into HRT and its risks if this surgical option is the one you end up with.

You should know that there is an increased probability of having a hysterectomy after tubal ligation by as much as three to four times according to one source. Another said it was almost twice as likely. When all else fails and your doctor doesnt know what else to do, then this is the most likely course of action he will suggest.

Part of the reason behind that is many, dare I say most, doctors do not know about the third alternative. That third alternative is tubal reversal. This again is a surgical alternative but one that will hopefully restore your body to its former state before having your tubes tied. In fact, one doctor kept records on the tubal reversal surgeries he performed for women to find relief from their tubal ligation side effects. These records showed that 90% of his patients had a reduction in or complete recovery from their post tubal ligation syndrome.

However, tubal reversal does have one side effect that you do have to consider over the other options for treating your tubal ligation side effects. That side effect is the possibility of getting pregnant again. What you can do in this case is use whatever type of birth control you were using before like an IUD or just accept the possibility that a new bundle of joy might appear in your life.

Whichever alternative above you choose to relieve your tubal ligation side effects, be sure to research it to make sure it is the right choice for you and your situation. Dont let your doctor dictate the choice simply because he doesnt believe in post tubal ligation syndrome or because the alternative he pushes is the one he is most familiar with. Learn more about each option.

If you even suspect that you might be suffering from tubal ligation side effects, check out the tubal-reversal.net website. Youll find more resources to learn about it and a message board devoted to discussing post tubal ligation syndrome. Learn more about the tubal reversal alternative as well.