Tricks for the Razor Scooter

Tricks for the Razor Scooter

A scooter does not seem like a toy that you could get so extreme that you can do a flip. It seems like riding a scooter is for tricks that are not that difficult or maybe just for riding to the store to buy some candy. This could not be farther from the truth. Scooters these days are built for extreme tricks and you can throw more difficult tricks then many other boards or riding apparatuses out there. Plus the scooters these days are built to withstand extreme riding and throwing tricks that are hard on the scooters.

Now I am not saying that these extreme tricks are easy. In fact they are very difficult. They take a lot of practice and have a high risk of injury, but when you master it they look insanely cool. There are not to many things that look as cool as someone doing a 360 back flip with a tail whip on a kick scooter. One of the things that make scooter tricks so cool is that you can use the handlebars of the scooter to do crazy things. Tail whips, flipping the scooter completely over your body and superman grabs are just a few tricks that the handlebars allow you to do on a scooter. You combine those tricks with spins and flips and you get the best tricks around.

Now I personally have never done a back flip on a scooter so I cannot really give you pointers on how to do it, but you can watch some videos online and see how they are done. Remember to always wear a helmet when riding your scooter, especially when trying these extreme tricks. Also, if you are a beginner or a novice then its best to work your way up to such extreme tricks by starting with more simply tricks. But keep practicing because you will be doing extreme tricks in no time.

If you are planning on doing tricks like crazy spins or flips then you will want the best and most sturdy scooter you can get. I would recommend the pro razor scooter. This is the highest quality scooter in the razor line and is built exactly for extreme scooter riding. You can practice on the A series scooters but you will eventually want to work your way up to the pro model. This will make your riding smoother and easier and help you perfect your tricks.

Back flips, spins, grabs, supermans all of these tricks and more are possible on a kick scooter. Scooters are no longer a toy for just kids that want to ride to the store to get candy, but there is a scooter revolution that has taken scooter riding to the next level. It is extreme and it is dangerous and it is awesome. No longer will kids that ride scooters let the skateboarders or the bmx bikers do all the awesome tricks and look so cool at the local skate park. The scooter ride now has a place amongst the extreme.
Everyone should try tricks on a razor pro kick scooter, they are made for tricks and professional riding. You can tricks on theelectric razor scooter e200 too.